Let's Rock Leeds! 2017

Saturday  17 June  2017  12:00 PM    Saturday  17 June  2017 10:30 PM
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Last update 18/06/2017

Following another great event this summer, we are delighted to confirm that Let’s Rock Leeds! will return for a 4th year to Temple Newsam on Saturday 17th June 2017. With a fabulous line-up of artists to bring you the very best of the 80s, and an action packed day of general 80s madness, there is plenty to do for everyone at this Family Friendly Festival.


The organizers of Let’s Rock Leeds! pride themselves on the fact that their events are aimed at the whole family, with entertainment for everyone. Children can enjoy the tons of free stuff to keep them occupied, including circus workshops with the Bigtopmania Circus, face painting and crafts. With a super funfair as well as children’s entertainers, Let’s Rock Leeds! offers the perfect day out for all the family. There will also be multiple bars, plus a wide range of quality food outlets selling food from around
the world.

VIP tickets allow access to our funky 80s themed VIP enclosure, where you can sit back and relax in the comfy chill out zone or enjoy the outdoor seating area. The VIP enclosure includes a full bar serving quality brands and 80s cocktails, plus of course the all important VIP luxury loos – essential at any festival! VIP tickets include entry to the festival plus a souvenir programme, meal and welcome drink.

Let’s Rock! has been leading the way for quality, action-packed, family-friendly 80s music festivals since 2009. Don’t miss out on this chance for a retro blast with the very best of the 80s.

For further details and to book tickets, visit www.letsrockleeds.com


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Tanya Wragg Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 29/09/2017 12:50
my illuminous clothing to come out once again! Can't wait for this! always a good family day!

Helen Botterill Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 25/06/2017 12:19
Good event human league definitely best act Tony hadly should leave bowie song alone tho

Ann Regan Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 22/06/2017 19:52

Jules Waugh Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 19/06/2017 17:21
It was a fab day but toilets up the hill? One beer tent? Leaving was a shambles. Please improve these things!

Maz Tag Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 19/06/2017 12:08
First and last visit. Acts were amazing especially 'from the jam' and Tony Hadley (who I might add was staying at our overnight stay 😊) however, the queuing for drinks was disgusting. We paid £22 per bottle of wine instead Plus £5 refundable deposit. DJ said to crowd to make sure we all kept hydrated in the high heat yet the shop ran out of water and stalls started charging extra for small bottles! What happened to proposed water fountains? We were so far back couldn't see a thing. Screens would have been a good option for all us stuck at very rear Such a shame, however being with friends and sun shining, good music made up for organisational let down

Jenny Green Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 19/06/2017 10:50
Sorry to read all the bad press this event has got on here .. we arrived at 10:30am and sailed straight through into the VIP area we had booked previously. Our bags were thoroughly checked and there were plenty of armed police walking about. (A sign of the times unfortunately) ..The tables and chairs were plentful and the bar was well stocked and staffed. We had an amazing day and were fortunate enough to get dropped off and picked up afterwards...can't wait to go back next year .. my only gripe is the internet kept going down so card payments were getting declined so I had to borrow some cash off my friend .. I left my towel there also - anyone any ideas how to claim lost property back? .. It's well worth paying that little bit extra for the VIP package if you're thinking of going again :)
Darcie Bryant
-- 19/06/2017 10:50
I lost my ID at the festival and went to temple newsam the next day to see if i could find it. If you ask for the security guards Either Dean or Jeff they look after the lost property, and they were the ones to find my ID. Hope this helps :) x

Anne Whelan Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 19/06/2017 00:19
Security lax when We arrived. Our bags were not searched just opened and looked in top? We could have been carrying anything in them. One bar for 14,000 people not good. We must have been lucky as we only queued for around 15/20 minutes to get food and drinks. Acts were excellent, loved them all 😀 Crowd was friendly and people in fancy dress were great. Posh loos were definitely worth paying for. Clean and well equipped. Shuttle buses, or lack of them, dismal. Queued for 30 minutes in Leeds to get to event. Bus was packed with people! Thank goodness we didn't have an accident as there would have been carnage. Coming home from the event was even worse. Queued for 1 hour 30 minutes waiting for the shuttle buses to turn up. Again packed people on. We missed our last train and ended up having to pay £26.00 for a taxi to get us home. Would we go again? If the organisation is improved definitely yes, if not then sadly no.
Sharon Neilson
-- 19/06/2017 00:19
Well put Anne. My sentiments exactly xxx
Maz Tag
-- 19/06/2017 00:19
Mine was skimmed over too!

Debbie Snailham Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 18/06/2017 20:38
Would like to say a massive thank you to the ladies on the bottle bar. Despite working 14 hours they were still smiling and having a laugh.
Lisa Wallace
-- 18/06/2017 20:38
agree all the staff were friendly and fun, they must ve been shattered

Doreen Adderley Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 18/06/2017 19:36
Festival brill from the jam and Tony Hadley outstanding. bar was a joke and transport even worse was first and last time going there unless improvements are made .

Nikki Parsons Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 18/06/2017 17:44
Is there any official word from the organisers regarding the diabolical shambles that was the shuttle service. Or do they not care once they've got our money?? You knew exactly how many tickets you sold and how many busses you would need. We left the event after the human league at 11pm, to que for hours and get back to Leeds at 01.30am. Shame on you let's rock leeds. I've been for the last 4 years. I won't be back. The acts were good but you can't rely on them to pull people in when the services we've paid for are non existent.

Tracy Louise Schofield Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 18/06/2017 11:13
Brilliant day but room for improvement re: toilets, bar and only one tap of free water between 14,000 people. Leaving was a shambles. No Marshalls and it took one hour to get out of the car park. It only took 40 mins to clear Wembley car park of 70,000 people after the play offs! Say no more..

Michaela Bratley Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 18/06/2017 10:46
Amazing acts, beautiful back drop, but so poorly organised. Come on organisers far too many people in that space, not enough exits / entrances, poor travel layout, not enough toilet locations, 14000 people leaving via that tiny pathway. The acts were enough to make it a great day but shame on you.
Suzanne Naylor
-- 18/06/2017 10:46
Well said . complete and utter joke!!
Sarah Cheetham
-- 18/06/2017 10:46
Couldn't have put it better myself, nit forgetting one tap for free water and one bar!!! The organisation let the amazing line up and support teams down badly.
Angie Smith
-- 18/06/2017 10:46
Iv been to Letz Rock for the last few yearz and i must admit it was a bit of a letdown in some respects. The acts were awesome and although there was a bit of a wait between acts they are not as long as they used to be. Over the years the crowds have got bigger and bigger yet the facilitiez have stayed the same. And whos idea was it to put all the toilets in one place? Why were they not split in half, some at the bottom end and the rest where they were?. The biggest complaint iv got is the travel. We bought shuttle tickets so everybody could have a drink. The journey there was fine. Journey home, joke!! Two buses for god knows how many people. People were qeued around the block. Finally at about 12.30 after various people kicking off there suddenly appeared 4 buses. By that time most people had missed buses/trains to continue their journeys. We finally arrived home after having to pay £40 for a taxi home. I hope somebody who organises this festival reads this and sorts it out for next year or i for one will not continue to go, and that would be a shame because it definitely is one of the best.

Darcie Bryant Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 18/06/2017 10:37
I've lost my ID at the festival anyone know has anyone seen or picked it up? Or know where I would contact to see if it's been found. Thanks x

Jayne Clayton Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 18/06/2017 09:37
What an amazing day.... this was us leaving.... everyone still singing.... David Clayton
Carl Milner
-- 18/06/2017 09:37
Fantastic day ! We left all singing " don't you want me baby " ! 😎🍻🎼💃❤️️

Sam Carney Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 18/06/2017 09:03
What a fantastic event as always well done on all security aspects made us feel safe

Annmarie Regan Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 18/06/2017 08:32
Tony Hadley was really good he's got a brilliant voice and Howard Jones he was was brilliant really talented. Walking out we were all still singing atmosphere was ace. Only downside was needs more than one beer tent had to queue an hour and half at point for a drink.

Suzanne Naylor Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 18/06/2017 08:10
Lovely day, total shambles once it had all finished. No organisation at all for cars leaving the premises. People walking in the road , so many nearly got run over. No shuttle buses arrived to pick us up, I will not be going again and I heard a few people in the queue next to me say the same

Jenny Choccie Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 18/06/2017 07:47
Great day, but some serious failings. Left the venue at 10:30, got back into Leeds at 1am because of the non-existent shuttle bus service. I won't go again, however good the line-up.
Suzanne Naylor
-- 18/06/2017 07:47
Was horrendous. No idea how many buses they sent in total in the end. We got bk into leeds at 12.10pm after queuing for an hour and a half
Sarah Jane Boughton
-- 18/06/2017 07:47
We loved the event but the mess up with the buses was awful. We finally got home at 1.45am. It was exhausting and people were starting to get very angry.

Beverley Patel Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 18/06/2017 06:58
Brilliant day yesterday helped by the gorgeous weather of course. Couldn't believe how many people were there! Luckily we'd taken our own bottles of water as the "free water" provided was one slow running tap! Tony Hadley was definitely the best of the acts, his voice is still as good as ever. The old Spandau hits were terrific and his cover of Queen's Someone to Love was amazing.

Karen Armitage Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 18/06/2017 00:21
Absolutely fabulous day, but the shuttle bus service was appalling. We have been going for the last 4 year's and used the buses... 2 buses for thousands of people what a joke.
Sue Evans
-- 18/06/2017 00:21
I agree. We have had a brill day. Xxxx
Suzanne Naylor
-- 18/06/2017 00:21
Complete joke with the buses!!
Mark Prescott
-- 18/06/2017 00:21
To many people got there early and people sat coming in all day and just sitting were they want spoilt by pure greed and ignorance ,booked to go to Exeter having second thoughts? Been going for years if it doesn't get better organisation that won't go no more

Fran Kinchin Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 17/06/2017 23:11
Had a great time, Tony Hadley was THE best, what a voice! Thankfully didn't use the BAR tent, so didn't have the long queue times here. Had to queue for an hour though just to get in, needs managing better as people were getting off the bus and just joining the queue, also people walking across the field and pushing in. Good atmosphere though, thanks for organising.

Clare Inkster Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 17/06/2017 18:17
Please god get a new compare next time .... Dave benson is shocking ....

Val Austin Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 17/06/2017 16:01
Worst organised bars I have ever encountered! 2 hour queues for a drink!
Jane Hirst
-- 17/06/2017 16:01
Agreed !!

Mandy Dennett Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 17/06/2017 15:40
Fourth year we been, let us down big style this year , far too many here, hour to get a drink even the water tent ,, toilets disgusting with no hand wash and not enough of them
Karen Armitage
-- 17/06/2017 15:40
Agreed . The acts were great but the bar, toilets and shuttle bus appalling this year.

Louise Walker-Hale Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 17/06/2017 15:32
Yeah the bar ques are really bad good atmosphere though
Leeds Temple Newsam
Leeds, United Kingdom
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