Leading your team through change | With an authentic & open mindset

Leading your team through change | With an authentic & open mindset
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Wed 3 June 2020
Wednesday 3 June 2020
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM


Over 70 percent of change programs fail—largely due to employee resistance and lack of management support. When people are truly invested, change is 30 percent more likely to stick.

If your people have a ‘grey’ or closed attitude to change then you are more likely to fail. So how do you create a ‘green’ or open attitude to change in yourself, your team and your organization?

The program is about self-understanding. Being in a 'grey' state can lead to bad decisions. Recognizing my own mental state and if necessary switching to the 'green' state is key.❞ 

Peter Stevens, Scrum Trainer & author of 'Personal Agility'


There is a way for leaders to increase their self-awareness and interpersonal skills and enable their team to do the same. Increasing emotional fluency with open and authentic dialogue. An easy-to-learn program with simple-to-apply language—creating an open & accepting mindset to accelerate change.

Real leadership includes the ability to support people moving from grey to green thinking and doing. In times of change these interpersonal skills become evermore crucial.

❝ Before attempting to lead others, we need to be able to lead ourselves, and seeing that we have a conscious choice in how we react to our environment is incredibly powerful. greytogreen provides the tools to remind us of this choice.❞ 

Elina Koussis, Leadership Development Manager, GE Healthcare (UK)


greytogreen® is a team-based learning experience that enables you, your team and your organization to adapt and thrive in rapidly changing environments. Used by world-leading organizations, as part of their leadership training programs, greytogreen is now available to all. Clients include Applied Materials, BASF, Baxter, GE, Hewlett Packard, Kraft Foods, Swiss Airlines, and Swisscom.

This is not classroom teaching or lecture! You will be working in small interactive groups of 3 or 4—being hands-on with posters, cards, pictures, questions, and stories—all used to facilitate experiential learning and make the underlying concepts accessible and memorable. Putting theory into live practice so you experience it, first-hand.

By exploring real-life cases and scenarios, you will then apply what you have learned to your own professional or personal context—in a safe learning environment with no need to role-play on personal information.

Authentic leadership starts with learning more about your reactive behaviors—beliefs, assumptions, drivers and triggers—to support yourself and help others to find and express theirs too. 

It reconnected me with my own power and agency; reminding me that while I cannot control much of what is happening around me, I can control my response. And instead of merely telling me that it's possible, the methodology showed me how and forced me to practice. I'm convinced that this type of training could be pivotal for teams to improve their communication and re-energize their individual and collective motivation.

—Katie Vanhoutte, International Strategy Director, McCann (France)

Learning Objectives & Results

✔ Learn how to face unexpected or challenging situations more effectively—in an authentic manner

✔ Enhance personal leadership and communication skills—to unlock your creative potential

✔ Practice broadening your choices before taking action—to achieve goals faster

✔ Explore alternative perspectives to co-create more successful outcomes with your team

✔ Convert your new-found knowledge into effective leadership action—to accelerate change when you're back at work

 It creates a common language for team discussion and has enabled us to approach situations in a different and more constructive way.

Gunilla Sandgren, Business Unit Manager, Celemi (Sweden)


[09.00] Explore grey v.s green thinking and doing and the process of moving from greytogreen

[11.00] Practice the greytogreen method using real-life cases from day-to-day workplace situations

[13.00] Lunch

[14.00] Explore your own behavior patterns and identify desired outcomes with higher emotional fluency

[16.00] Experience the greytogreen method through peer coaching with co-learners, so you can apply it for yourself and your team

[17.30] Adjourn

❝ It's not just another method, it’s a whole new way to approach challenging situations.

Bérangère Servat, Sales Director, Bouygues (France)

Who is it for?*

Leaders will foster authentic team dialogue with active listening skills and higher engagement.

Change agents will enable leaders and teams to have a constructive attitude to change and to enable real, open dialogue before implementing programs.

Teams will remove their communication obstacles and work more effectively as one team - even cross-functional, matrix managed and virtual teams.

All employees increase self-awareness and their ability to take ownership.

Organizations boost employee engagement, creativity, and productivity.

* You'll be working in groups so you can come alone or we encourage you to bring your colleagues (an extra 1-4 people with you) to work on exercises together, to see the positive change in team dynamics in action.

► For groups of 5+ attendees from the same company, we recommend a closed session with your company employees only.  For more information, and to arrange a free 90-minute taster session at your office, please contact info@ogaraco.com.

❝ A fast and extremely effective way to get people living and breathing the theory of change. It transforms ideas into a set of indelible symbols and phrases, together it creates a simple roadmap for driving actual behaviour change.

John Marrows, Head of Business Change (UK)



A totally unique experience based on research and development in behavioral science and hundreds of implementations in fast-growth companies and global market leaders.


Increase team engagement and performance by learning to lead change with an open mindset. Thousands of our participants have reported positive results using our method.


Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! Thousands of participants, worldwide, have attended, giving an average rating of 4.7 out of 5.


Diane Van den Berge has been coaching organizations and people for over 20 years, and with an impressive client list of multinational corporations in 3 different continents, is an expert in facilitation, coaching and change communication. Diane is co-creator of the greytogreen® program, a group-based learning experience that enables people to successfully collaborate and thrive in continuously changing environments.

Adrian O’Gara has over 20-years' experience improving team performance, culture-led organizational development and ethical mergers and acquisitions. As Managing Partner at O'Gara-Co, Adrian uses his experience and knowledge in organizational behavior to lead people change and transformation programs for large internationals and fast-growth businesses, including Bazaarvoice, CA Technologies, Econsultancy, GE Healthcare, LeasePlan, NTT Data, OpenText, Sitecore, The Adecco Group, ThoughtWorks and UBM.


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