Personal Branding & Online Marketing for Business Leaders

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Personal Branding & Online Marketing for Business Leaders
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Fri 18 October 2019
Friday 18 October 2019
9:30 AM - 5:00 PM

How to Powerfully Brand Yourself and Reach Your Ideal Customers?


Do you have a particular product, service, expertise, specialism or passion, and you want to reach more clients online or scale your business? 

In this intensive 1-day business workshop, you will learn how to powerfully brand yourself and reach your ideal customers, and develop a marketing and sales strategy you can immediately benefit from in your business.

Personal branding is the key for reaching and engaging with your ideal clients, and in this workshop you will discover a simple yet powerful formula to confidently and strategically promote your services NOW. This workshop helps you to improve your branding and marketing strategy and have a consistent online presence.

Bonus: You will also receive free bonus resources with step-by-step guidance to effective online marketing. This includes Facebook Marketing Mastery and Online Automation training.

Why Personal Branding and Digitalisation?

By having strong online presence and automated marketing processes, you will be able to grow and scale your business systematically and efficiently. In today's highly competitive market, your branding and marketing strategy needs to be carefully designed and implemented to create the best possible impression and value for your leads and clients.

Brief Organiser Information

DiscoverChange is a business development consultancy supporting businesses and leaders to accelerate their innovation, development and digitalisation. Along with our expert partners, we deliver workshops, consultations, masterminds, bespoke digitalisation projects and online courses. 


What is the event about?

This full-day business workshop will be intensive, educative and interactive and give immediately implementable branding and marketing strategies and tools for business leaders. Susanne Virtanen, your lead trainer for the day, will provide comprehensive strategies to reach your ideal clients NOW. 

You will also learn from other trainers on how to leverage personal branding and social media with easy-to-use digital processes and methods. One of the main guest speakers, Tyrell Wilson, is an expert in systems and business automation and he will be sharing the secrets of scaling your business with ultimate efficiency (mainly with free online tools!).


In this workshop you will discover and create your:

5 Step Client Attraction System

  1. How to be the go-to-expert in your field

  2. How to attract your ideal clients 

  3. How to organically get leads without paid advertising

  4. How to easily create strategic online content

  5. How to leverage automation and systems to work smarter, not harder

It’s not all just hard work though, we have many activities planned and you’ll get an opportunity to meet and network with other like-minded people. This is “not another learning event”, this is strategic business planning session where you can walk away from with clear progress and growth strategies.

What’s included in the ticket price (£55)?


  • Full-day admission to business strategy workshop
  • Opportunity to learn from speakers and trainers
  • “My Business Strategy” workbook
  • Lunch
  • Refreshments throughout the day
  • Networking opportunities


The event is held at the prestigious Court House of Warwick. A range of parking and commuting options are available and upon booking your ticket you will receive more specific recommendations and instructions.

Registration starts at 9 am. Event starts at 9:30 am, and finishes at 5 pm.


What is DiscoverChange?

DiscoverChange facilitates educative, innovative and motivational workshops where you will receive business growth tools and strategies that are immediately implementable in your business. Activities and planning are focused on branding, marketing, sales and digital information products. Along with her team, the lead consultant Susanne Virtanen provides workshops, 121 consulting, overseas masterminds, online courses and personal development sessions.


Your Workshop Facilitator: Susanne Virtanen, Business Development Consultant

Susanne has versatile experience in facilitating business and leadership training and development for businesses and public organisations, also internationally. She is passionate about helping leaders innovate and grow with ultimate efficiency and confidence, and with her team they work with a range of businesses in strategic and digital development. Susanne's bio: 

What Our Clients Say:


"I started working with DiscoverChange because I was struggling to get new clients. After the first session I had a clear map of my sales funnel and clarity in my product offer and pricing of my service packages. The team helped me to create an effective marketing strategy, improved my website, created me a Facebook page and online training platform, set up a lead generation and 121 booking process, and even provided 121 support in my live workshops. They also helped to schedule professional and branded posts, and I got my first enquiry almost immediately - he's now a client! If you run a business by yourself and are struggling to get more customers, I would recommend DiscoverChange. Great job guys, thank you!"

Ellen Mukwewa, School Improvement Consultant

"I attended Susanne’s workshop about personal branding and online marketing and it was informative and lively. I’ve realised how important personal brand is for the success of a company. Most useful for me was to learn how to package products and services. I am determined to share my learning with others, thank you Susanne – it was brilliant!”

Kathryn Bodenham, Charity Volunteer


"Susanne's workshop was about branding and online marketing, and the session was energising and focused. Before today I wasn’t sure how to connect with my clients, but now I know how to be clear about what value I offer. Sometimes it’s challenging for me to focus and be strategic, and I’ve now realised that systems and processes are my friends. Massive thank you Susanne, I give full 5 stars to this session and also recommend it to others."

Caroline Bublik, Personal Development Coach


"Susanne and her team have a phenomenal support to me in turning my passion into a business. She is so passionate about what she does that it invariably rubs off on you. Her knowledge and encouragement have really helped me to gain clarity and push me forward in my business ventures."

Janet Ellis, Coaching & Events


"Susanne’s workshop about branding was exhilarating and valuable. Before today I wasn’t sure how to use my video content but now I know how, where and why.”

Mike Morris, Manufacturing Consulting

"It has been a great experience working with Susanne from DiscoverChange. She has helped me to realise my key strengths and use this to develop a robust business. I have achieved a lot in a short period of time."

Favour Bolaji, Coach & Events Organiser

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The Court House Warwick
Jury Street, Warwick, England, GB
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The Court House Warwick
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