Introduction To Shamanism Workshop With Rachael Claire

Sunday  17 February  2019  4:00 AM    Sunday  17 February  2019 9:00 AM
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Last update 07/03/2019

Have you ever wondered about the shamanic path? Even if you don’t imagine yourself to be a future shaman, there is a lot to be gained from implementing shamanic teachings and techniques in your life. From healing methods to understanding the deeper layers of self and the universe, to the powerful medicines used by ancient shamans… it’s a powerful tool for uncovering latent abilities and navigating the mystery that is life.
If you feel called to explore the ancient practice that is shamanism, my introductory workshop may be a good place to start. It is designed for those who are fairly new to the practice of shamanism and want to learn some practical techniques, as well as gaining knowledge on the subject.
The workshops are interactive and a great opportunity to meet likeminded people. Here’s what we will be exploring:
✨ Activating the psychic centre
✨ What is shamanism
✨ Who is the shaman
✨ The tools of the shaman
✨ Living shamanically
✨ Shamanic cosmology
✨ An opportunity to work with Sananga and Rapeh medicines
✨ How to journey
✨ 3 drum journeys; to our safe place/to meet our guides and to the spirit of a plant we will imbibe
✨ Working with spirits
✨ Making pusanga
✨ Flower baths
✨ Shamanic artwork
✨ What is soul retrieval
The price for this workshop is £40, and spaces are limited - this event is always popular so please book early to avoid disappointment.
Here's what others had to say about their experience:
“A beautiful and well facilitated workshop, Rachael is a natural at guiding you out of the hustle and bustle and into the warmth of connection with self and others. Her patience, acceptance, love and commitment to spiritual practices shines through everything she does. I think I can speak for everyone who attended when I say that Rachael’s workshop will leave you feeling more whole, knowledgeable and open to endless possibility than when you entered.”
Rachael is an amazing healer and great facilitator. Whilst some holistic experiences can feel quite abstract and overloaded with content, Rachael takes her time to explain in detail whilst nurturing clients extremely well. She has a beautiful, warm and powerful energy that invites spirit in so beautifully. I was honoured to share space with Rachael at a shamanism workshop and really look forward to working with her again
“I went to one of Rachael's Introduction to shamanism workshops at Kapucia in Liverpool. It was fantastic. Rachael is lovely and the day was perfectly set out and jam packed with information, energy exercises and journeying. We tried out plant medicines and had 3 drum journeys. It was fantastic! If you are interested in Shamanism (if it is calling to you) then don't hesitate to pop along to one of these workshops and find out more. You won't be disappointed. Thank you Rachael for a wonderful day x
“I had a truly magical day on Rachael's workshop, she creates a wonderful space for sharing, healing and growing. I left feeling so inspired and full of joy. I would highly recommend Rachael's workshops, the content was fascinating. I'm excited for the next one!”
“I didn’t know what to expect from the Shamanic workshop although I felt a sense of excitement beforehand! The experience was exquisite and incredible value for money. We experienced so much in a short space of time; breathing exercises, powerful plant medicine, drum journeys and healing all with wonderful attendees. Rachael’s teaching is superb and she made me feel really relaxed and very humbled. I highly recommend this inspiring workshop and Rachael’s guidance”
“It was wonderful to meet Rachael and all the other people drawn to this workshop. Rachael has the gift of teaching in a way that inspires others in their own journey. I learned many things at the workshop - the most important of which is to trust in myself and not try to control. Thank you Rachael Claire and Kristy Lomas at the Ki Retreat for bringing us such wonderful insight
“I attended Racheal's workshop on Sunday and was welcomed by her open arms. The workshop surpassed my expectations. A great introduction for anyone curious about shamanism. She held space brilliantly and was very organised and thoughtful in her approach. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is a little bit interested to let her guide you. The workshop was fun and very informative. It's been a pleasure to meet Racheal and I will hopefully see you soon. Look forward to my next experience and so happy you have decided to visit Manchester! Love and light”
“The shamanism workshop I went to was fantastic. Great teacher, lovely venue and a nice way to meet some like minded people. The day was much more varied and practical than I expected which made it so good. Thank you!”
“So glad that I got to meet Rachael in this lifetime she is just amazing and in a way has changed my life and my view on things !! I attended a shamanic healing workshop that Rachael did and it was another level ♥”
“Amazing workshop with Rachael learning about plant medicines and shamanic healing!! Hopefully will get to go to her retreat one day too!”

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