To Imagine What Cares - Joey O'Gorman - Imagine Festival

Tuesday  26 March  2019  12:00 PM    Tuesday  26 March  2019 2:00 PM
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Imagine Festival of Ideas and Politics
Framewerk Gallery, Upper Newtownards Road
25th – 30th March: 10.30am – 5.00pm
An exhibition by Joey O’Gorman.
In this special exhibition, Joey O’Gorman looks at the various ways that humans interact with the non-human. Drawing on radical geographies and philosophy, as well as more traditional forms of ecological theory, he has produced a series of diagrams that explore 21st century eco-politics. The launch of the exhibition tales place on 26 March at 7pm in Framewerk Gallery when the artist will discuss his work.
Joey O’Gorman is concerned with a variety of contemporary discourses that trace the deep interpenetration of disparate spheres, from social to geodynamic and evolutionary to mystical. In diagrams and schema he grasps at the elusive form of vitally, compenetrating ecologies and impossibly complex topologies of affect. Environmental collapse, social depredation and economic absurdity frame a call for solidarity and fundamental change, with a warning against the gathering spectres of accelerationism and authoritarianism.
The artist has described his work as follows: ‘As an uncertain future unfolds out of a devastated present, the perverse politics of the past obscure sense and obliterate hope. Even as humankind’s predicament is ever better understood, people are trapped by the hegemonic demiurges born of their forebears. Twentieth-century economics lie in ruins, surrounded by the detritus of ill-founded logic and petty narratives. Those who inherit the fetid architecture of sovereign state, trans-national corporation and perpetual growth, along with their attendant propagandists and sycophants, retain a stranglehold on power, from where they perpetuate the self-immolation of eons of creation. The sympoeitic interweaving of human activity and global systems forms a dynamic substrate, one which must be considered if there is any hope of supplanting previous folly and resisting future dread. Today is a time pregnant with potential and laced with immanent threat, when the oppressed pray for a salvation that will not debase all they cherish.’

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Upper Newtownards Road, Northern Ireland, UK
Upper Newtownards Road, Northern Ireland, UK