Helen Pfeifer: 'Mistakes to Avoid While Dining With Ottoman Gentlemen.'

Thursday  24 January  2019  5:45 PM    Thursday  24 January  2019 7:15 PM
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Trinity Hall History Society are delighted to kick off the Lent Term with a talk from Dr Helen Pfeifer entitled 'The Gulper and the Slurper: A Lexicon of Mistakes to Avoid While Dining With Ottoman Gentlemen'.
Dr Helen Pfeifer is a historian of the Ottoman Empire, based at Christ's College, with an interest in understanding the empire within larger Islamic, European, and global contexts. She received her Ph.D. from Princeton University before joining the University of Cambridge as Lecturer in Early Ottoman History in 2014.
Her current research esearch focuses on empire, the circulation of culture, and the management of human diversity in the early modern period. Her current book project, Empire of Salons: Conquest and Community in 16th-Century Ottoman Lands, studies the social and cultural consequences of the Ottoman incorporation of the Arab world in 1516-7. Based on both Arabic and Ottoman Turkish sources, it shows how Ottoman literary salons contributed to a shared sociability that eased communication across the diverse and sprawling empire.
For historians, this is likely to be of interest to people studying paper 16 (‘Early modern Europe, 1450-1760’) and paper 21 (‘Empires in world history’). In part II, this may be relevant to paper 14, ‘Material culture in the early modern world’ but of course, all subjects welcome.

The talk will be held in the Lecture Theatre at 6pm, with a wine reception at 17.45pm. The porters will be able to direct you from the Porter's Lodge on Trinity Lane. We hope to see you for what should be an amusing and engaging talk!! 

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Trinity Hall History Society
Lecture Theatre, Trinity Hall, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Trinity Hall History Society
Lecture Theatre, Trinity Hall, Cambridge, United Kingdom
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