Heart Portal to the Cosmos,Medicine Music CD Launch.

Heart Portal to the Cosmos,Medicine Music CD Launch.
Sat 26 January 2019
Saturday 26 January 2019
11:03 AM - 3:11 PM

Celebrating our Winter Solstice in England.
Sofia Buchuck and Ayni Band
Chanqhanansonqo CD Launch Heart Bridge to the Cosmos.
Includes full Cacao ceremony and Rapeh.
Sofia Buchuck and Ayni Andean musicians are Wilfredo Avalos, Santiago Horna, Jamit Horna , Jose Navarrro, and Vicky céspedes.
********** Special guests to be confirmed soon.**************
You are ALL WELCOME to share this magical event with sacred cacao medicine and the launch Sofia’s last CD of medicine music and Icaros, channelled in the last years of her service to the medicine plants and Sacred spirituality. This concert will also have the participation of the medicine and Icaros singing circle.
Mama Cacao medicine is a strong medicine for the heart and urinary system. Many of her healings are link to memories of childhood and messages of past, present and future life experiences, which needs to be hold with respect and sensitivity.
Healings and meditations to the temple of the heart will be lead as well as healings provided by Sofia Buchuck, medicine woman from Cusco Peru, Peru. Chakawarmi, singer and poet. Guardian of the Tahuantinsuyo spirituality. Also available for private sessions and individual teachings and healings.
Sharing songs of her new CD Heart bridge to the cosmos – CHAK-HANAN-SONQO produced in Lima Peru by a well known international musician and Director Chano Diaz Limaco, also director of the film Sigo siendo. This new CD of Sofia Buchuck is a beautiful offering to the path of medicines and spirit of plants. Is also a celebration in keeping alive the cultures of the Americas, the languages and sounds, taking you in a deep journey to the rain forest and mystical lands and mountains of the Andes. This Cd has a more trivial influence, to preserve the influence of our cultures still alive, together with ancient icaros and medicine songs to sacred Apus, animals of power and realms of magical beings of the Andes and Amazon. Cosmic instruments such as pre-Colombian panpipes, flues, ocarinas and rhythms of the Tahuantinsuyo. Will aso be entangled with the songs and teachings of well known maestros of Peru such as the Shipibo conibo Icaros, Shwar, Quechua songs. In homenage to the plant medicines and spirituality of the Tahuantinsuyo. Homenage to the men and woman of the Andes and Amazon, my taytas, maestros for keeping this wisdom alive. Aho!
Most of the songs recorded in Chaqhanansonqo CD are the compositions of Sofia Buchuck, Illan Quilla, channelled through medicine plants, to celebrate the love for Pachamama mother earth, respect to our four directions, and deep connection to the medicines of the world. ChaK-hanan-sonqo, means heart bridge to the cosmos. Teachings of both paths Tahantinsuyo and Avalon temples.
More information:
Reservations are suggested as we have limited space.
Rape will be provided as part of this ceremony. Rapeh is a powerful medicine from the rain forest of Brazil, it aliens our chakras as well as teaching the path of the emotions and the equilibrium of the heart.
Venue: Bolivar Hall,
Graffton Way
WT1 5DL.
Contact: 07928599416
Limited space, reservations recommended.

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Bolivar Hall
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Bolivar Hall
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