Harmonics of the spine

Sunday  19 May  2019  12:00 PM    Sunday  19 May  2019 3:30 PM
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H A R M O N I C S . O F
T H E . S P I N E ~
In this experiential class we will explore the functional anatomical nature of spinal mechanics & the central nervous system in combination with the vibrational healing arts.
Learning how to use movement & awareness as tools for deep listening & integration.
Creating a Yoga ~ Union between these inner realms.
We will develop listening through a sensorial lens, deepening our understanding & appreciation of the importance of psycho-acoustics on the body & mind.
Working with the principle that structure & function are interrelated.
All very subtle movement work ~ suitable for all ~ with a healing effect as we create space within. Great for teachers & body workers!
The art & science of tuning forks, how they work & effect our bio field will be woven into & through out the workshop.
S O U N D . B A T H ~
Nada Yoga ~ The Yoga of sound...
Soothing sounds will fill the space around you, as the waves of frequency & vibrations effect your being on a molecular level. Oscillating waves, transporting you in to a sense of timelessness.
Y O G A . N I D R A ~
A guided meditation that guides you on a journey through the body & mind, with words & awareness as your ship to explore the rivers & seas of energy & love that lie within. Creating a state of cosiness & comfort whilst 'nesting & resting'. Yoga Nidra translates to Yogic sleep ~ the body can become so relaxed it enters a different form of consciousness, somewhere between waking & sleeping.
D E T A I L S ~
Exchange £28
Mats will be provided, cushions & lavender eye pillows also
Blanket bringing welcome for resting & nesting.
Teas, nibbles & refreshments included.
Please arrive at least 10-15 minutes before, for registration & time to settle.
Please bring...
~ A flask / bottle of water & for drinks to help use less cups etc, (we always provide biodegradable things) infused water refills available.
~Comfy clothes, an open heart & perhaps a blanket for cosyness.
Please remember parking requires cash ~ all the money goes towards forest upkeep.
A B O U T . T H E . T E A C H E R S ...
Joseph Schmidlin will be offering this work.
Joseph is a classical Osteopath with over 25 years of training, teaching & practice in the field of energy medicine. Known for his „healing touch“, his practice & teaching are grounded in the principle that each person, like the natural world, is a whole, self-correcting entity, with each part affecting every other as well as contributing to the integrity of the whole. His practice encompasses Traditional Chinese Medicine , Ayurveda, Zero Balancing, Lymphatic Drainage, Visceral Manipulation, Massage Therapy, Cranial-sacral technique, Nada yoga, and Sonic Vibrational Medicine.
Based in New york, his work takes him all over the world, sharing his wisdom at yoga festivals & training's courses internationally.
For more info: www.jschmidlin.com & https://www.facebook.com/Health-Touch-Joseph-Schmidlin-359865684496119/
Sandra Barnes will be co facilitating the space & soothing you with Yoga Nidra.
Sandra has been teaching in the UK for over 20 years & started her yoga journey at 22 in Argentina, leaving not long after to explore the world, after she finished a P.E degree there. She has a vast array of working within the wellness & fitness industry & mainly focuses her energies on yoga now. She creates workshops & shares them across the UK at yoga festivals & shows, as well as hosting international retreats. She enjoys working with earths rhythms & our elemental wisdom, bringing us home to our inner beloved.
C O N T A C T . I N F O ~
For queries & bookings
07805283531 ~ Sofia or 07969755551 ~ Sandra
Love & light
All ways
Sofia & Sandra

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Wyre Forest Discovery Centre, Callow Hill, Kidderminster DY14 9XQ
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