Girl Tribe Gang Derby February Meetup

Tuesday  19 February  2019  11:30 AM    Tuesday  19 February  2019 1:30 PM
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Last update 20/02/2019

We are the award winning collective for women who work for themselves, are spinning a side hustle, or who are aspiring to quit the 9-5.
Here at Girl Tribe Gang we know that working for yourself, or being in that place where you want to work for yourself, can be pretty lonely and we thought that if we could help to reduce even a tiny bit of that isolation you’re feeling, well then that’s going to have a positive effect on your overall health, emotional, mental well-being and success.
We are all about connecting you with like-minded women, empowering you, and helping you grow in confidence and knowledge, in a relaxed and informal way.
We’re back in Derby at The Orange Tree for our monthly meetup on Tuesday 19th February at 7.30pm - 9.30pm.
To ensure the night kicks off with maximum sparkle, we're bringing you a powerhour from Claire Muscutt, founder of CMXperience LTD, on 'Overcoming Imposter Syndrome.'
We all have times when we doubt our own abilities but for many women, self-doubt can become a barrier to success and enjoying life fully. Have you ever brushed off achievements as down to luck rather than talent, or been bemused when others tell you how amazing you are? If so imposter syndrome might be holding you back. Often there are some deep-rooted beliefs that are triggered when you feel out of your depth or unsure of yourself but where do these limiting beliefs come from?
Clare will be sharing her experience and advice for other female entrepreneurs looking to live fearlessly both in and out of work and achieve their full potential.
The #powerhour will be followed by our signature relaxed connecting.
You can come along as a guest to your first Tribe meet up by booking a guest ticket before making the decision to join.
You can join up as a member and start enjoying the benefits of membership TODAY. Head to our website to find out more about us.
Come and walk on the wild side with us...
**Guest tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable**

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The Orange Tree
George Street, Derby, England, UK
The Orange Tree
George Street, Derby, England, UK