Gina Badhen Academy - Birmingham: 3 Day Professional Course

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Gina Badhen Academy - Birmingham: 3 Day Professional Course
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From Fri 10 April 2020 to Sun 12 April 2020
From Friday 10 April 2020 to Sunday 12 April 2020
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

All booking and course information is the same as seen on - Eventbrite is a payment option that has been created for students to use if they wish.

Financial Plan

£200 Deposit is due to secure your space.

£1000: The final payment for The Gina Badhen Academy - 5 Day Professional Course, London will be due any time up to 7 days before the course start date.

SPECIAL OFFER: £100 Discount for students that would like to pay via bank transfer or Paypal for their course fees can contact the Academy directly for more information on with your contact number.

The Gina Badhen Academy - 3 Day Professional Course

Your tutor will use a range of different make-up products each teaching day to create class demo looks. Over 30 different make-up brands and colours are available for students to use and work with during the course of the working week.


This will range from various brands of concealers, foundations, setting and finishing powders to cater to different skin types, tones and textures. Your tutor will go into deep theory and practical knowledge on the best products needed to create a flawless finish for dewy, matte, velvet, satin and glass skin looks.

This will also include the best products and techniques needed to give your client a skin analysis according to the best textured product for them, including: liquid, cream and mouse based products for a flawless filter finish that will last 16hours +

Contour and highlight techniques will be taught to suit different face shapes. Learning how to contour and shape your clients face to disguise a small lips to look fuller, double chin, hooked / or bumped nose and larger forehead.​

​Real life model will also be used to showcase how to work best with: pigmentation, uneven skin tones, acne, dry / oily or dull skin.


This will range from various brands of eye shadow products with a matte, shimmer, glitter and gloss finish. Suitable eye shadow shapes and colours to create the illusion of the perfect almond eye shape. Your tutor will teach you how to create bigger, feline shape eyes and disguise hooded eyes to suit and accentuate your client's eye colour, hair colour, skin tone and face shape. The use of lashes and knowledge of how different shapes will help sculpt your client's eye shape and face.

Day 1: Beauty Make-up / 'Real Life' Client

Your specialised tutor will start the day off with a 'Back To Basics' theory & demonstration. Covering skin care & preparation as before you apply any products a knowledgeable artist must understand that the skin is just as important as makeup itself. This is because the skin is the natural pallet for any make-up applied to shine through with the best effect. You will talk through the importance of hygiene and kit safety. Brush knowledge and application. You will be shown and guided through a skin colour chart and the difference in ethnic pigmentation, coverage, undertone colouring, and the tricks of corrective colour camouflage to disguise any discolouring or dark areas with colour mixing techniques. Students will be shown the best products to use for cleansing, toning and base primers needed to create either matt or dewy skin. You will be taught how to sculpt and shade in order to emphasise or hide certain facial features and sculpt brows as defined yet natural according to the overall look. Learning to perfect skin, contour and highlighting. A flawless foundation finish for immaculate beauty looks Gina is known for.

'Real Life' Model will be used to demonstrate the difference between working on a professional model, and the techniques needed to perfect imperfections for the every day client.

Day 2: Fashion / Glam Make-up

A step by step practical guidance and demonstrations of how to create the glamorous beauty and fashion look. Brown / Black smokey eye influenced makeup: You will learn detailed application techniques for vibrant make up looks, introducing colour powders and cream textures to a matte and wet look eye shadow finish. Also covering the popular smokey eye & Arabic influenced styles created using different techniques including cream shadows, pigments, black track and the art of blending according to specific brushes

Day 3: Bridal Make-up

This day is dedicated to the highly sought after bridal looks.The day is spent learning colour co-ordination, make-up looks, brush techniques, jewellery setting and veil/dupatta pinning. Student's will cover the colour palette difference between a soft registry look and a traditional ethnic African/Asian/Arabic influenced bride. We will cover Glitters: This covers glitters and their application techniques while working with textures and high colour pigments in order to create vibrant impact. Learning the most up to date make-up trends and styles.

Covering business advice on how to approach bridal clients, pricing and branding.

Product knowledge and best buys available

Flawless Foundation & Concealer

How to create lasting dewy skin

Colour correcting (asian dark circles/patches, redness & scarring)

Eyeshadow blending / Creating almond shape eyes & illusion of bigger feline shaped eyes

Perfecting your eyeliner flick

Working with glitter eyeshadows & pigment - best ways to mix and blend lasting textures

Contour, Sculpting & Highlighting

Blusher & Bone structure

Colours to suit your skin shade

Eye-brow grooming

Individual and Strip Lash application

The perfect pout! Learning to correct way to overline lips to create bigger looking lips

Instagram & Social Media

Gina herself is branded as a self made International social media influencer, and is able to share her business advice with her students.

Learn the steps to creating an effective Instagram strategy for your business

Discover how to take advantage of the growing audience on Instagram

Use advanced strategies to increase your reach and engagement with tools, tips and tricks

Grow your other social networks using photos from Instagram

Learn the secrets to connecting and growing your Instagram audience

Discover EXACTLY WHAT YOU CAN DO to get results​

Instagram stats and trends

What Instagram is and how it works

How people use Instagram

How businesses are using Instagram

Create a step-by-step strategic plan to use Instagram for your brand

Optimizing your Instagram profile

Taking and sharing photos on Instagram

Connecting with the Instagram community to build awareness and grow engagement

Optimizing your Instagram photos and efforts

Harnessing Instagram photos for other social networks

Generating user-generated content on Instagram to spread your brand

Tools to help you get more from Instagram

How to measure the effectiveness of your Instagram efforts

Learn How to capture Social Media photos like the pros..

Gina shares her own inside tips and tricks on how to take the perfect Instagram picture and video to promote your make-up work, brand your business aesthetic, and increase maximum exposure to increase your following and clientele.

​Learn the art of lighting, and the difference between using natural light and artificial light.

How to frame, pose and set up your client with the best backdrop in order to take the perfect picture in quick timing.

​A tutorial on how to utilise your smart phone like a professional camera and retouch images using the best app tools.

A product list of the best mobile lighting and portable camera will be given to purchase.


A Portfolio Day will be arranged for, Monday 13th April 2020. 10am - 6pm.

The day is dedicated to you and what you have learnt throughout the week.

Create up to 2 looks with a professional model, stylist on hand to advise you on wardrobe and accessories, and our professional photographer to finalise your amazing looks.

All of the Academy tools, make-up and hair products will be available for you to use on your portfolio day.

Designer outfits and jewellery from noted fashion houses both Asian Bridal and Main stream fashion are on hand for breathtaking looks.

(Video is an extra Service Available Upon Reques)t

Make-up Artist Advert / Brand Video


Promotional Material

We have newly added this service to offer all students the Make-up Artist Advert & Branding experience. Providing videography to capture all your Photo-shoot work on Day 5.

A camera team will take the images showcasing your skills and work behind the scenes to compile a video film for you as a branded make-up artist.

These beautiful visuals are the best way for any professional to be recognised, and can be used for websites and social media. The videography experience is provided with pro models, photographer and stylist – everything you need to build your COVER SHOTS!

Professional model booked daily for Hair & Make-up demonstrations.

Full Luxury Brand Hair & Make-up Professional Kit & Tools provided daily for students to use.

Course Fee: £1200

(£200 deposit required to secure your place, the remaining balance is payable 7 days prior to the course start date).

​Course Duration: 3 Days

​Times: 10am - 6pm

Total Learning & Teaching - 25 Hour Course

​Complimentary Gift Bag

​All students will receive a complimentary makeup gift bag worth £100 in luxury beauty products, tools and gift vouchers which is a great way to start up your professional kit

AM - Make-up Demonstration & Theory

PM - Student Practical & Support

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