The Generative Cultural Change Practitioner & Leadership Course

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We all know that cultural change is a very specialised area of change practice. Investing in the right training course is critical to avoiding an enormous amount of unnecessary anxiety and loss of resources. We have designed a very practical course based upon quality research which will  demonstrate a model of cultural change leadership involing three distinctive modules: 

Cultural Diagnosis and Reporting Intervention Design Enabling Intervention and Successful Change

Generative Cultural Change includes a set of tools for working with change leaders and their teams to enable them to discover and harness extraordinary generative change powers within themselves. It enables participants to transform established cultural dynamics in their organisations and move onto new, previously unimagined levels of creativity in their professional lives. Generative Cultural Change welcomes the human dimension of organisation as a golden opportunity for deep personal change at both the level of the individual and of the group.

Who is this course for?

This exciting new course is designed for HR Managers, Operational Managers, Heads of Department and Senior Team Leaders involved in leading and managing change in their organisations. It is also very suitable for Business Coaches involved in Executive Coaching and Change Consultants who are seeking to specialise in the cultural dimension of change management consultancy. We intend to demystify cultural change and provide change leaders with all the knowledge and skills they require for success.

Your Principal Trainer

Your principal trainer will be Dr David Potter, who holds both an MBA and PhD in Cultural Change form University of Strahclyde Graduate School of Business. David is also a Master NLP Practitioner and Trainer studying his craft at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He is also a graduate of The Disney Institute Orlando Service Management Program. David will work with you throughout the course as your ‘self-belief coach’ to enable you to build your cultural change management skills.

David is a qualified cultural researcher and is the co-author of ‘Leading Cultural Change; the theory and practice of successful organisational transformation’ and  the principle author of 'Neuro-Linguistic Programming for Change Leaders : The Butterfly Effect' to be published soon by Routledge. 

David frequently teaches and presents to students on MBA and Executive Development courses on the topic of cultural change, including  the University of Glasgow Adam Smith Business School and St Andrews University. He is also a highly experienced corporate strategist and executive change manager and delivers numerous cultural change management seminars to change leaders in organisations.

Course Objectives

The course objectives are to introduce you to ways of:

  • Thinking about organisational culture
  • Planning for cultural change
  • Identifying soft skills requirements
  • Preparing others to lead cultural change
  • How to diagnose cultural fault lineS
  • Appreciating the impact that organisational culture has on strategic outcomes
  • Designing cultural change interventions
  • Building the case for change
  • Working with methods of analysing cultural change in process
  • Leading cultural change
  • Marketing of cultural change


The core objective is to enable you to improve your management decisions concerning leading and working with cultural change initiatives at every management level.

Investment Benefits

Investing in a training course is a big decision and experience tells us that managing cultural change can be extremely stressful and potentially damaging to the wider organisation. Your investment in this course will ensure that you are fully prepared, confident and ready to meet the challenge of leading successful cultural change interventions.

Your investment in this course will protect you from excessive change management stress by revealing to you the pitfalls to avoid, and the successful methods you can use to engage all your stakeholders positively with your change agenda.

Our Invitation

We invite you to be curious and open to the potential for developing a highly successful and rewarding programme that has the potential to transform lives and which will represent your organisation to a very high standard. We look forward to discussing this proposal in more depth and to learn from you too. If you would like more information please contact David at or visit our website at 


To view the full course brochure please click here 

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