Freedom Business Masterclass

Freedom Business Masterclass
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Mon 21 September 2020
Monday 21 September 2020
5:30 PM - 8:30 PM


Coronavirus Update: March Event Postponed

We are following UK Government advice and believe we are being responsible to socially distance ourselves until we are told otherwise.  

We know that you need to focus on your core business and take steps to protect yourself and your business in these unprecedented times. 

With that in mind, we are offering anyone who has signed up to our meeting on Monday 23rd March access to either Bob, Andrea or Jayne if you need a sounding board over the next month. We will regroup in our planned April event at Tusk.

Stay safe and keep focus.  Keep positive, choose your attitude, make someone's day, and most importantly be present to your staff and your customers. 

Please contact Jayne Smith on 07802 750357 or if you are looking for support.

Do you want to learn everything about business?

Starting a business and running a business in the early days is hard work and there is a lot to learn. You can either learn as you go, as I and many others have done, or you can leap forward by LEARNING BUSINESS QUICKLY.

By spending just one hour a week on the Business Upgrade Program, you will soon see results. It’s FAST and COMPETITIVE. Business is simple when you know what to do. You can achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM by growing your business.

Would having more knowledge of business free you from feelings of being stuck or overwhelmed?

What got you here, with the results you're currently experiencing, won't get you there. That's why you need a different, tailored strategy that includes coaching and mentoring, structure, and a wonderful community of Non-Executive Directors to hold you accountable.

Are you ready to move to the next level but you don’t know what that level is yet?

It's time we teach you to create systems, get the right people to support you, delegate better and shift your business model to one that's more leveraged, removing you from the day-to-day, so you grow your impact and revenues.

What could you do with your business if you were surrounded by a board of directors made up of the right people to support and help you?

You know when you’re ready to ask for help but often the difficulty is in finding the right sort of help. Borrowing the expertise of others who are part of your mastermind group and experienced Non-Executive Directors, you will have all the encouragement and confidence you need to take the right actions for yourself and your business.

Book your first Masterclass for FREE

Take the plunge and come along to our FREE no-obligation masterclass. We have a number of monthly dates available. At the Masterclass you will learn:

  • What it takes to build a money-making machine

  • How to generate leads

  • How to sell

  • How to systemise

  • How to make profit

Call Jayne @ Bluebird PA on 0151 363 7070 and we will get you booked onto our next monthly event.

The venue is Tusk, 5 Mann Street, Liverpool, L8 5AF and the start time is 5.30pm to start at 6.00pm. We will finish at 8.30pm prompt.

Spaces are strictly limited and are offered on a first come first served basis.

You have two choices.

FIRST CHOICE – do nothing and continue to get your current results.

SECOND CHOICE – bite the bullet and give it a go, move yourself and your business to the next level. What have you got to lose?

Call Jayne now on 0151 363 7070 to reserve your place at our Masterclass and learn the secrets to unlocking your business potential.

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5 Mann Street, Liverpool, England, GB
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5 Mann Street, Liverpool, England, GB

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