Finding and keeping true love

Saturday  8 June  2019  3:00 PM    Saturday  8 June  2019 6:00 PM
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Are you willing to learn how to create a more fulfilling reality and how to live your daily life with the sweet taste of the honeymoon in your mouth? 

If Yes, join me for this - 3 hours - WORKSHOP  where I am sharing tools and strategies for immediate results.

In this Workshop you will: 

✔️ Learn how to STOP waiting for luck to strike and start creating your reality. Make luck happen.

✔️Learn how to create the relationships that honour you and nurture you with love and joy. 

✔️Learn what to do to attract the right partenr for you. 

✔️ Find the limitting beliefs that keep you away from finding your most compatible life partner.

✔️Learn how to balance giving & receiving love and care.

✔️Learn the importance of taking accountability into your own healing in order to heal your rlationship.

✔️ Learn how to communicate and express as your authentic self and not as your mother and father in their relationship.

✔️Learn how to step out from the "FIGHT for POWER" and step into LOVE.

I’ll never forget the magical and empowering feeling that I experienced when I first started dating my husband. I was so committed  to make my self happy so that then the Universe sent me someone to share that with me.  I will gladly share with you all about it, the way I  met the love of my life and the steps I took into making that happen.

This workshop offers you the chance to tap into a different perspective of the  relationship that you have with your self, with your partner and with the world. Relationship means that there is space and distance between two people. If we heal the distance, those two people would be living in oneness as a whole. 

Healing your relationship with your self and others means development and growth in all aspects of life, as individuals and also as a couple.

Looking forward to meeting you.

Anca Tarra,

Spiritual Mentor 

Intuitive Healer


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