Financial Freedom: People, Property & Tech Hacks Flagship Education

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Financial Freedom: People, Property & Tech Hacks Flagship Education
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From Mon 23 March 2020 to Sun 26 April 2020
From Monday 23 March 2020 to Sunday 26 April 2020
9:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Property = Financial Freedom

To get financial freedom, you need to be good at property. This workshop is for you!

Deal sourcing, Deal packaging Buy to Let, HMOs, Flipping Property, Serviced Accommodation Land Developments Planning Gain.

Get top quality education on being more efficient on your property strategy.

If you are serious about winning the game of property, this is a must attend professional masterclass.

Finding it difficult to get yourself organised and maximise your time?

Losing track of viewings or prospective client meetings?

You need to:

  • Implement systems to organise your business
  • Use Technology to make everything automated
  • Reduce the time you spend on the day to day management of your portfolio
  • Decrease expenditure and increase your profit
  • Speed up your success

Financial Freedom is time and money. Tech in property is a life hack to financial freedom, saving both time and money.

Learn Tactics, systems and how to operate your property business effectively and efficiently

“Susannah has taken my knowledge to the next level. She is different than others providing property training in that they only teach tactics. With Susannah and The Good Property Company, you learn tactics, systems and how to operate a property business effectively and efficiently. I rejoined for a second year due to the tremendous amount of value I get from it. The calibre of people is like nowhere else” - Peter Mare

What have our delegates achieved?

Buy to Let Portfolio of £2.5 million = Freedom

Property Portfolio £2.5 million, Rental Income £200k per annum - Colin McNulty

£21k Annual Profit

HMO £21k profit per year End Value £525k. Bought for £410k refurb £49k - Simon Yuen

£50k Instant Equity

£50k instant equity profit! London flat, bought for £270k Worth £320k - James Doherty

£140k Cash Profit

£140k Buy to Sell Profit - Jethro East

£6,760 Cash Fee

6,760 SOURCING FEE - Peter Mare, sourced 2 deals, got paid FAST!

Who will benefit?

Whether you are new to Property or want to grow your property business this Property, People and Tech weekend will help you implement systems and processes within your business to save time, decrease expenditure and help you reach financial freedom.

“I’ve been investing in property for 9 years but I've learnt huge amounts on Susannah's mentoring course… Highly recommended to anyone – whether you’re starting out or a seasoned investor.” - Louise Hedley

Why you need to attend.

Don’t lose out

Don’t get left behind

Keep moving forward, be the top 10%!

Understand how to run your business as efficiently as possible.

  • People

- Discover your working style and how to best utilise your strengths

- Learn systems and processes to ensure the effective management of your time

  • Property

- Minimise the time you spend on day to day management

- Keep track of your property portfolio with the right technology

- Use technology to revolutionise your day to day asset management

- Look at outsourcing elements of your business, to free up your time

- Streamline your business processes

  • Technology

- Identify the best technology to revolutionise your business and put you ahead of the game

- Monitor your cash flow with the right systems

- Learn how technology can enable you to be paid faster

- Make your life easier

This must attend property investor event Is Fun, Informative and Topped by Cake!

  • Presentations from well-respected tech savy entrepreneurs
  • Be inspired by past attendees who were where you are today and have gone on to succeed in property and become financially free.
  • Learn from one of the UK’s most successful self made property investors
  • Enjoy fab food and amazing cake (TGPC welcome is super friendly)

Highly Recommended

“Learnt a lot and consumed a lot of cake, both of which we highly recommend doing with TGPC."- Darren Cadby-Lynch

  • Go home ready to move forward, knowing what your next steps are, with clarity excitement and motivation, ready to make a difference to your life

The weekend was amazing

"The weekend was amazing. I found that I came home filled with excitement and energy to move forward"- Aditi Kapur

  • Change your life - Leave the J.O.B (Just over broke)

Left my JOB!

"I handed in my notice at work so I can commit to my future in property. I replaced my income with the revenue from my properties" - Tyna Collins

The Opportunity to experience our Flagship Face to Face Mentoring Programme

If you are interested in joining our flagship face-face mentoring programme this is an ideal way to meet fellow mentees and experience our mentoring firsthand. On each mentoring weekend we have a small amount of “Try before you buy” spaces which allow you to come along and meet our mentoring group who are a fab group of like-minded property investors who support each other, keep each other accountable and work together through Joint Ventures, Buying and Selling Discounted Property Deals.

Mentees JV’s Happen Regularly!

"Bought a property £127k, refurb planned £27k, end value £190k, doing it as a JV with another mentee" - Alison Brooks

Like Minded People who will understand and encourage you

“The last but possibly most valuable part of the program are the other mentees. The calibre of people in the class is high, each with their own expertise and skill set. Being able to draw on their knowledge and support is incredibly useful. Susie and the mentees make for such a strong and rich network to have at your fingertips. Obviously, it’s great to call them friends too!" - Sara Nasralla

What do our delegates say about us?

The best way to monetize my business

"What Susie has really helped me with is actually the business of side of property. I’ve learned the best ways to monetize my business, charging and the different invoicing procedures. Susie's help means I've actually been able to put some business structure behind things" - Chris Jones

Identify holes in your processes

“One thing with Susannah’s materials and mentoring is she’s incredibly detailed with her systems and KPI’s... which is awesome. It allows you to identify any holes that may be happening in your processes. This will help you be as effective as possible in the short and long term. Embrace the process, focus your mind on enjoying learning and go and smash it... this stuff works!” - Matt Sherriff

Fun, Friendly and Educational

"I found the entire weekend to be fun, friendly and most importantly educational. I gained more knowledge than I expected to... that will benefit myself and my company massively. Susannah was excellent and so helpful along with the rest of the team" - Jarlath Daly

Your Next Step?

Book your place now.

So, if you’re looking to organise and streamline your business to work as effectively as possible, no matter your level of experience, come and join us for a weekend of learning, camaraderie and cake!

There are very limited places for this weekend workshop, and we tend to SELL OUT early.

  • Made £81k profit from my first deal - Peter Walters
  • Maintain an annual HMO profit of £21k - Simon Yuen
  • Raised over £1 million in 3 years with Susannah’s loan documents - Craig Upkins
  • Seymour Road Deal Packaging Fee - £17,500
  • Financially free - Andy Norman

This could be you!

Book on now to follow in their footsteps. Click on the link to secure your place on the workshop.

We look forward to meeting you

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