Finance Hotseat: The Inner Workings of Property Short Term Finance

Finance Hotseat: The Inner Workings of Property Short Term Finance
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Wed 20 November 2019
Wednesday 20 November 2019
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Premier Property Club (PPC) - Knightsbridge

Topic: Finance Hotseat: the inner workings of property short term finance

Speakers: Kam Dovedi & Patrick Somerville-Large

We’re excited to announce the dates of our latest Premier Property Club (PPC) Knightsbridge event, held on Wednesday 20th November!


Bringing together two heads of the UK finance industry to provide you with specific tailor-made information on what the rise of interest means for you, what your finance options are as well as comparing the different types of finance available to property investors and developers.


This evening event will be limited in the number of places available, so we advise to book your place early to avoid disappointment.


Book now – PPC Knightsbridge, November 20th, 2019! 


As a property investor or someone looking to step foot into the industry:


With more emphasis being placed on the need to protect your buy-to-let properties much more, NOW is the time to find out about your finance options.




Because with an increase in interest rates professionals have warned (as well as scared and worried property investors we might add), that we should also expect a rise in arrears and defaults.  With landlords especially being warned to expect failing rental income, as well as the fear that with rising taxes it will also make it more difficult to cover mortgage payments!


These flippant headlines to those attendees at Premier Property Club events, are just that, flippant. 


Because attendees at PPC events are making informed decisions, informed enough so they can keep their property investing profitable as well as add to and expand their portfolio.


Property is still the most lucrative, secure and profitable form of income you can generate for you now as well as for your future.


Book your place now and be one of those who make those informed decisions! 

 In 1 evening you will find out:


  • How you can implement the success strategies that will turn your property portfolio into a profitable one – building that 7-figure property portfolio you’ve always dreamed of.

  • What other finance options are available to you, without being heavily impacted by the rise in interest rates.  Protect your bottom line and ultimately keep your outgoings low!

  • How buying now and buying right is a win win for property investors and developers in 2018.


This is the first time these industry elites will come together to provide you their opinion on what the rise of interest rates means for property investors/developers as well as providing information on the different types of finance available and how to access these, finding the most suitable and profitable route for you and your portfolio.


Our speakers at the November Knightsbridge event include:


Lending Manager at Commercial Acceptances Ltd, Patrick Sommerville-Large.  Working in various compliance functions throughout the banking system, Patrick knows in depth what finance options are and can be available to property investors and developers.  Not only providing you detailed information on these but also an understanding of repayment schedules, loan to value information as well as predicted best routes of finance, taking into consideration the global finance markets and the development of emerging economies.


You will not be able to find this level of information anywhere else.  This event provides you with the information you need to know.  Information your competitors are still searching for.


Hear first-hand from the experts - book now to secure your place. 


Of course, we promised you a full packed evening, so we’re also pleased to welcome to the stage again, Peter Vanderveninn, Director at The Financial Consultancy. Peter has extensive knowledge of mortgages as well as insurance and financial planning.  He has set aside plans which you can take away and use to manage your own portfolio and its success, as well as providing you with mortgage information and also alternative finance options.


Renowned property investor and developer Kam Dovedi has been investing in property for over 29 years.  Kam knows the best finance options to fund different property projects, knowing what works and what doesn’t and sharing his experiences with you.


Kam has built up a significant multi-million-pound portfolio from implementing these successful techniques, techniques that will be handed over to you, for you to make your own and create your own success.

This is a must attend event, book your ticket now. 


This event is like no other.


Our speakers are at the top of the league when it comes to knowing and understanding how to remain profitable amid interest hikes.


Meaning your PPC Knightsbridge event really is an opportunity for you to put YOUR questions forward and get the answers and information you need to make your investments grow.


This is without a doubt, a popular event in the property calendar so make sure you book now and don’t miss out. 


Don’t miss out on learning more about the rising interest rates and just exactly what this means for your finance options.


How simple the process can be, how finding the right finance option doesn’t have to be time consuming and most importantly how all of this combined can not only protect your profit margins but also increase them!


All of this and more will be discussed on Wednesday 20th November at Knightsbridge, PPC Event.  Maximise your business opportunities and secure your desired property transactions. 


Book your place now and we look forward to seeing you there!




6:30pm - Doors Open for Arrival and Networking
7:00pm - Event Starts
7:15pm - Main Speakers Begin. This session includes a comfort break.
9:00pm - Expert Speakers Q & A Session
9:30pm - Post Event Networking
The Premier Property Club (PPC) is a Property Club which is open to any member of the public who has an interest in property investing, whether it be learning about investing property, providing a property related service, or networking to find future joint venture and business partners.
We attract a range of fantastic people to our Premier Property Club (PPC) Events, from people who are looking buy their first investment property, to experienced Landlords and investors with large portfolios.
The great mix of people means that it gives you an opportunity to learn, network, and grow, so that you can accelerate your success in property.
Types of People who attend the Premier Property Club (PPC):

New Property Investors
Experienced Property Investors
Landlord with Large Portfolios
Property Developers
Business Owners
Service Providers
Everyone Interested in Property

Each month we focus on a specific topic relevant to property investors at all stages, from beginners to experts. There is a formal educational seminar for you. Our guest speakers are top Experts in their respective fields. We have Networking Sessions as a chance to build your personal network. We have a Q&A session at events, where you can ask the Expert Panel any Questions you may have.
Kam Dovedi is a highly respected UK leading property expert. Kam has been investing for over 26 years and has built up a significant Multi Million Pound property portfolio resulting in financial freedom. Kam is an extremely dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced Property Specialist.

His passion for property is infectious and has allowed him to give back. Kam has been invited to speak at hundreds of events nationally, has mentored over 200 successful property investors and is the founder of Premier Property Education.

Premier Property Education provide a range interactive workshops, trainings, and private mentorship programmes to take your property investing to the next level, whether you are new to property, or experienced.

Kam is also the founder of Premier Portfolio Builder, an award winning property portfolio building service based in South East England which actively buys between £1-£2 million property each month for their clients.

The knowledge Kam has gained over his 26 year property journey, has allowed him to become a published author of Boost Your Pension And Income: the smart investor’s guide to creating a profitable property portfolio; a book that has been praised by many UK leading property experts.
Do I Need to Book a Place to Attend?

For you to attend the Premier Property Club (PPC), We encourage you to book in advance, as it guarantees you a seat, as we have a limited availability of tickets, and our events often sell out.

Is there a dress code?

We would recommend that you wear something you are comfortable in, most attendees are dressed smartly.

What time does the event start?

Doors open at 6:30pm and the speakers begin at 7pm

Who do I contact if I have questions about the event?

Please email

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