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Thursday  24 January  2019  11:30 AM    Thursday  24 January  2019 3:00 PM
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Band on the Wall and Fat Out present FAT FREE, a free entry showcase of emerging artists we’re super excited about. Sign up for free entry and discover new music from Manchester-based musicians spanning jazz, Sufi songwriting, spoken word and haunting electronica.
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Fofoulah (meaning “it’s there” in Wolof) is a London-based group featuring Senegalese vocalist, dancer and percussionist Batch Gueye, Tom Challenger (Red Snapper) on sax/synths, guitarist Phil Stevenson (Iness Mezel), Johnny Brierley on bass, Gambian sabar drummer Kaw Secka and drummer Dave Smith (Robert Plant, Juju). With the rhythms of the Sabar drums – a traditional form of Wolof drumming from Gambia and Senegal – at its heart, Fofoulah’s music has evolved into an inspired cosmopolitan mélange that also incorporates elements of electronic music, dub, improvisation, afro-rock and Wolof dance.
Trianglecuts is the post-punk, alternative electronica of Manchester duo Gwendolen Osmond (The Seer/Gashes/Saboteur) and Doug Hemingway (The Ascension/Ghost Replica); mixing together haunting, dark vocal loop station magic with the intense cathartic cry of raw electronica, channelling the inner human psyche of wounds, torment and frustration.
Errant Monks
Psychopposition – Advanced Guard. Defying cuts on the frontline. Community care provided through communication of the light to the lost, the lied to and the left behind. Heady body music from the Manchester/Calderdale collective.
Sarah The Sufi
Sarah Yaseen aka Sarah The Sufi is a Manchester based Sufi singer/songwriter. With a soulful voice and accompanied by a guitar or darabouka, Sarah’s raw Acappella/cantata style takes the audience into her world of emotions and feelings of love, faith, personal struggle, including sharing her political stance through influential, unique compositions. She comes from an Islamic tradition of religious singers. Inspired by her father Sufi Muhammad Yaseen, Sarah’s voice, words and melodies reach out and touch the human soul.
Featuring members of Gnod, Denim & Leather and Tombed Visions. Locean has been in the mix since 2013 their debut vinyl is due out soon on Texan label A.H. In honour of Texas and Manchester, Lauren will be cutting up found words from Clint Eastwood westerns for 1 night only. Bang bang bring your pistol.
This is a standing show.

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