Faith No Man

Saturday  24 June  2017  9:00 PM    Sunday  25 June  2017 1:00 AM
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Last update 26/06/2017

"Faith No Man" is a tribute to ALL eras of Faith No More. Formed in March 2008, the members of the band are dedicated Faith No More fans. The band has captured every aspect of Faith No More’s live performances.
The gut wrenching screams and schizophrenic body slams of Patton. The thunderous drums and insane grooves of Bordin & Gould. The Silky smooth keys from Roddy, layered with the meaty crunch of Big Jim/Jon Hudson’s guitars. They are all in Faith No Man’s live shows, which have established them as The Ultimate FNM Tribute, earning them recognition from members of Faith No More.
The band deliver a visual and musical experience that will leave anyone watching them knowing that it’s as close to Faith No More as it can be.
On stage at 9pm. FREE ADMISSION. DJ set 'til 1am.

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