Explore your relationship with Money

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Explore your relationship with Money
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Fri 20 September 2019
Friday 20 September 2019
10:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Relationship with Money and Abundance

Because we project so many of our hopes, our fears and dreams onto money and because abundance is deeply connected to the flow of life, looking at our relationship with it is often a significant developmental experience. This small group workshop offers a safe and structured way to illuminate your relationship with both in a way that is designed to clarify and resource.


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Money in flow

Because our relationship with money is lifelong - from pocket money to pension pot - moving into better relationship with it is both complex and important. Our judgements over money and our projections onto it limit our capacity for change.  In this workshop you will learn which of the three patterns of relationship you are in with money and how to begin inner change.

"If you want to start to understand your personal connection with money, then I would recommend you start here." John Paul L. Finanical Services Consultant.

The workshop is open to anyone interested in finding a different relationship with abundance and money as well as an interest in the methodology of embodied access to insight and fresh information through constellations.

"This was an excellent workshop and a very worthwhile investment of my time and my money" Charlotte H. Associate Director. 

Handouts are provided in which participants can track their changing relationship with abundance and money during the workshop itself as well as use for optional 'homework'. A recommended reading list is also included.

"I found the exercise about our relationship to scarcity and abundance incredibly insightful.” John S. Leadership and business transformation coach.

Some of the themes and issues that have emerged within previous workshops 

  • The balance of love and money
  • Becoming wealthier than your parents were able
  • The value of time and how to charge for it
  • Money, life and death
  • Inheritance dynamics and dilemmas
  • Taking responsibility for providing, when it's not yours
  • The impact of social and political system change on our relationship with abundance
  • Feeling contaminated by 'dirty' money
  • Freeing yourself from entanglements with money in the family and culture-of-origin
  • The impact of imbalance of income in a couple relationship
  • Money as a resource and enabler
  • The natural flow of life and abundance

This workshop will be led by author of ‘Systemic Coaching and Constellations’, John Whittington and will be facilitated through whole group constellations, exercises in small groups, informal teaching and pairs/triads discussion. Whether you are new to constellations or already familiar with the approach, the workshop will provide a rich experience of the methodology as well as several different opportunities to explore the personal and professional questions that emerge.

"John's insight and quiet wisdom are inspiring" Lindsay W

For topics covered in other workshops please explore the workshops page on the Life Love Leadership website. These topics and many more are illuminated by a systemic perspective and constellations. 

Please contact info(at)LifeLoveLeadership.com if you have any questions before booking your place. 

"This is a great introduction to the benefits of constellations." Elaine H

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