Embracing the Unknown Retreat with Tony Samara

Saturday  16 March  2019  8:00 AM    Tuesday  19 March  2019 4:30 PM
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Tony Samara - The Path of the Heart

Embracing the Unknown

4 Day Event

16th - 19th March 2019

Algarve, Portugal

"This inner wisdom belongs to none, as it is the shared oneness open to being explored by everyone deeply during these next coming moments in time. A pearl of wisdom contained beyond the limiting formulas or dogmas of the past - behold this new gift being birthed!"

- Tony Samara

Tony Samara is a spiritual teacher and author of over a dozen books. he has been sharing deep evolutionary work and inspiring people to incorporate meditation into their daily life for more than 25 years. Combining meditation, detoxing the body, a plant-based diet, and a simple lifestyle, he is best known for how his work touches more deeply than words.

For further information about Tony Samara please click here https://tonysamara.com/pages/about-tony-samara 

No previous meditational experience or belief system required.

Everyone will experience exactly what they need and will be wholly supported by Tony Samara's extraordinary insightful wisdom, gracefulness, and positivity.

Themes covered in this event:

Presence through breathing as a gateway to our true Being
Enhancing intuition
The importance of Loving Kindness in the world of today
How to make conscious choices - food, thoughts, actions
How to work with dreams to enhance everyday living
Dissolving limited belief systems
Ancient wisdoms translated into practical easy to apply steps
Powerful healing transmissions
Insights into quantum physics, neuroscience and spirituality
Meditation and guided visualizations

What you can expect to take place during the day:

Morning and afternoon talks with Tony Samara
Dream work (working with a personal dream in the group)
Gentle exercises (such as journeys to the heart and essence)
Visualizations (such as meditations that harmonise mind, body and emotions)
Strong meditational practices (such as the ancient whirling meditation)
Visualizations (such as meditations that harmonise mind, body and emotions)
Breathing exercises drawn from Tony Samara's wealth of experience with ancient shamanic, oriental and Zen Buddhist traditions
Detoxing the body with gentle herbal drinks throughout the day
A powerful but gentle cleansing detox of the colon with natural pills (optional)
Breaks to enjoy exploring the surroundings
Morning yoga classes (optional)

You will experience:

Higher levels of vitality
Clarity of thought
Balanced emotions
Detoxification of the body
Benefits of fasting or of healthy vegetarian meals
Beneficial effects of a gentle colon cleanse
Optimal breathing
Deep relaxation
Heightened levels of creativity
How to understand the hidden language of dreams
Practical guidelines and tips to a healthy way of living
Insights into how to create a focused and powerful intention
States of deep peace and joy through guided visualizations & meditations
The power of conscious music on body, mind & energy
Research has shown the many benefits of a mindfulness practice, such as meditation, to positively reduce stress levels, ease chronic pain, optimize productivity, general well being and positivity.

You can read this interesting article for further information on what MIT and Harvard neuroscientists have to say about this: https://tonysamara.com/blogs/love/the-benefits-of-meditation 

Date and Timetable from 16th to 19th of March 2019

Saturday 8h – 18h

Sunday 8h – 16:30

Monday 8h – 18h

Tuesday 8h -16:30


It will be possible to book a private consultation with Tony Samara depending on schedule availability. Pre-booking required as places fill fast.

Important notices:

Bring a friend and receive 50% discount

Hotel reservation directly with Hotel Memmo Baleeira Sagres.
Telephone: 282624212 /

Email: reservations.baleeira@memmohotels.com  There are only 25 rooms available so early booking is required.

Confirmation email to portugal@tonysamara.com 

All inquiries to Portugal@tonysamara.com 

Phone: 00351 962835385 / 00351 914405509

We look forward to seeing you soon.

For inspiration, please visit www.tonysamara.com 

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