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Sunday  21 April  2019  12:00 PM    Sunday  21 April  2019 3:00 PM
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Last update 22/04/2019

Monthly Playtest Meetup hosted by Iain McAllister.
Great opportunity for anyone with a games design (no matter what stage in development it's at) to come and talk about it/Playtest it with people and receive feedback. If you are not a games designer, you are still welcome to come along and help Playtest the games the designers have with them.
We run a Designer Priority List at the event which basically means that if you are new to the group with a design that you will definitely get the opportunity to play your game. If you are a returning designer it will depend on when you last got to test your game at a meetup. You can find a link to that list here:
Please note that Red Dice Games is in the basement of the Spilt Milk Cafe, you can ask for directions to the shop at the cafe. Red Dice are opening especially for us on the Sunday, so please do come along and show your support for this great new venue.
There is a £3 charge per person to use the tables at Red Dice.
Iain McAllister

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Red Dice Games
Great Junction Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Red Dice Games
Great Junction Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK