Dysphagia Awareness

Tuesday  12 December  2017  2:00 PM    Tuesday  12 December  2017 4:00 PM
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Last update 13/12/2017

A course delivered as part of induction with a refresher every 3 years delivered face to face.

A basic in – house course designed for Sheltered Housing and Very Sheltered Housing carers who regenerate a Community Meal, safely delivered meals from other sources, or prepare low risk snack foods.

Duration 1½ hours

Learning Outcomes

Staff will be able to

•           Able to identify food safety procedures

•           Able to implement food safety systems

•           Aware of the relationship between personal hygiene practices and food handling

•          Aware of current legislation and the connection to work practice


Evaluation Methods

Q & A throughout the session

A small multi-choice questionnaire at the end of the session


Links to:

Policy and legislation:


  • Nutrition Policy
  • Community Meals
  • The Food Safety Act 1990
  • The Food Hygiene (Scotland)      Regulations/Regulation
  • The General Food Regulations      2004
  • Care      Inspectorate
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Fergus House
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Fergus House
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