Driver CPC Full weeks course of 35 hours training 16th-20th July 2018

Monday  16 July  2018  7:30 AM    Friday  20 July  2018 4:00 PM
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Last update 21/07/2018

This event has been created to enable students to book a full weeks worth of CPC training in one booking rather than five indervidual transactions. The payment covers 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th Julu ONLY and can not be transfered or moved to other dates. 

The week course will cover...............

Driver’s hours and tachographs

To provide drivers with a sound knowledge of drivers hours and working time directive. Route planning and issues which a driver may face on a daily basis. Understanding POA and pictograms. Roadside checks, fines, sanctions, Operator Compliance Risk Score and point’s scheme. Manual entries and how to use a tachograph. Vehicle checks and defecting procedure.

Safe Loading and Manual Handling

Educate drivers on how to load multiple load types safely and legally. Safe loading vehicle checks. Manual handling the basics. The see saw effect. Road impact incidents. DVSA enforcement guide lines and matrix. Fixed penalty levels.

Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving

To understand how planning and preparation can impact on safe and fuel efficient driving. The purpose and impact of carrying out daily vehicle checks for safety and fuel efficiency. Know what defensive and eco driving are and what best practice looks like. To become familiar with driver KPIs and how they may be used to monitor and improve performance. Health, safety. Emergency’s, personal wellbeing, company issues and criminality.

Delivering Outstanding Customer Service

To refresh drivers on up to date information regarding customer service in a professional capacity. How to give great customer service, customers & stakeholders. How to listen effectively and read body language. Complaints and how to deal with awkward situations. The five steps of S.A.R.A.H. Feedback is a gift principal. Road rage, aggressive driving and portraying the company image as a professional driver.

Vulnerable Road Users

This course focuses on the risks and hazards of driving a large goods vehicle in UK cities. Gets you to think about how your actions impact on road safety. Helps you to share the road safely with pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclist and other vulnerable road users. Describes city growth, the increase in walking and cycling and changes to urban designs. We look at other types of vulnerable road users, places where there is a high concentration of them and why they are unaware of you. Signalling, positioning, eye contact and defensive driving. Safety equipment, technology and what makes a professional driver.

This training also counts towards driver CPC hours which are only uploaded after completion of the full course. If students want to have CPC hours uploaded to count towards their 35 hours then a cash payment will need to be paid at registration. The upload fee is (£8.75 ex vat) plus £1 administration fee which includes vat and one certificate. The total cash payment for a CPC upload is £9.95.Students must ensure they bring their driving licence with them to the course. If there are any issues please give Chris a call to discuss and hopefully resolve.

We are located opposite James and James just after the mini roundabout. Please park on the main road and use the button on our pedestrian gate to gain access. Once on site follow the path around the building, past reception, past the smoking area, around the corner to the metal steps located at the rear. Our office and the training room are located on the first floor.

Our terms and conditions and cancellation policy applies to all bookings. If you require a copy or for any questions please contact 08453735000 or email

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