Dress To Impress! - Wingsuiting 2019

Saturday  28 September  2019  8:00 AM    Sunday  29 September  2019 6:00 PM
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Last update 24/05/2019

Do you have big skills in a big suit? Can you fly tight? Grab your best dress and come and impress!
This one is for guys and gals that have an XL wingsuit and the skills to fly it sociably ;) The pace will be reasonably speedy, as standard for big suits, but not fully flat-out. If you've got a Rafale, Strix, ATC, Freak or similar in your gear bag and like flying it in a group then come have some fun!
Jonathan Charles will be organising and leading in his Strix with the rest of the Angry Birds Wingsuit Team and friends on standby to help out should enough people register. That means there is the potential for 2 or 3 medium size groups here to get the skills honed in, and if everyone gets flying awesome we can build something big :D
Please don't apply if you are not able to fly a slot in a large wingsuit, this event isn't for you if you only have a few jumps in your big suit or have only flown it solo. As usual, you must have WS2 and a good skill level in your suit to ensure everyone can be 100% awesome safely.
Registration is a bit different this year so read carefully!
To reserve your slot please send £28 via paypal 'Friends & Family' to cynical.optimist@outlook.com with your name, the suit you will be flying and 'Dress to Impress'. The fee covers your event registration and a jump ticket on the first group load - weather permitting this will allow us to get moving super-fast on day one and make the most of the event, so please don't turn up late!
If you do arrive late, miss the briefing and first group load - you will loose the included jump ticket.
If we all turn up but no jumps are made - you will be refunded the first jump ticket fee only.
If the event is cancelled - you will receive a full refund.
If you register but don't turn up - you don't get a refund.
A list of confirmed participants will be posted and updated periodically - give it a day or so before messaging please.
See you all in the sky!

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