Dorset Cloud School Open Day (British Science Week)

Saturday  16 March  2019  12:00 PM    Sunday  17 March  2019 5:00 PM
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Last update 18/03/2019

Visit the after-school club that boosts learning for ages 7–11 (Key Stage 2). Examples of student-work and demos from 12 - 5pm. Followed by ‘The School in the Cloud’ documentary feature-film.

Cloud School is driven by children’s curiosity and desire to answer BIG questions. A trivial question (what is the capital of France?) leads to a trivial answer (Paris) BUT a really good question leads us to new discoveries.

This sort of thinking underpins our modern world view. Advances in Science, Business, Medicine, Engineering & Education all began with people asking and answering the right sort of questions.

Cloud School is based on the research of Professor Sugata Mitra who has created a global community of educators that share BIG questions. St Catherine’s school also has a Question Box where anyone can post a BIG question for Cloud School to review.

A really BIG question cannot be trivial it must have no easy answer. Our mission is to get the whole school excited about asking and answering these really BIG questions, therefore taking their learning to the next level!

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