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Friday  17 August  2018  9:00 AM    Sunday  19 August  2018 5:30 PM
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Join the party this summer and get creative with tech!  Build the skills needed for jobs of the future. No programming experience required.

  • Digital Camp for Teens:  17th August.  One-day camp for boys & girls.
  • Digital Camp for Girls:  18th-19th August.  Two-day camp for girls.

Connect with friends and build stories to share.  

Who is it for?

14-18 year olds who want to learn something new, explore their future, and start building digital skills & profiles for first work experiences. Bring a friend to kickstart your journeys into the digital world.


*For children under 18, a parent/guardian consent form must be returned to the organiser in advance of participation on the day. Parents/guardians that wish to observe their child as a non-participant are welcome to attend at no charge but will be required to register for access.  For further information, please contact the organiser.


Get Hands On with the Hottest Tech. This unique camp provides a simple introduction to the hottest technologies in a day. Get hands on with tech, smart devices, and data to start building your skills -- from augmented and virtual reality with Microsoft Hololens, to mobile apps, games, robotics, artificial intelligence and 5G. We break it all down into simple concepts & help you to get started.

Design Your Future. Who do you want to become? Identify what's unique to you and paint your vision. Learn about what lies ahead and new jobs in the digital world. Hear from professionals in both technical and creative roles about what skills are required. Get valuable advice that will serve your future.

Share Your Story.  Learn the essentials of storytelling. Create a story and a video blog about cool things you are doing with digital to share with friends and family.

Build a Summer Project with Mentoring.  Build a project to show off your digital skills and creativity. Get coaching and mentoring online in the weeks that follow the camp to hone your craft.

Prepare for Work Experience. We’ll help you get started building your personal story and experience profile. Learn how to present your best self and find work experience.


The Digital Camp for Teens (17th Aug) and the Digital Camp for Girls (18th-19th Aug) offer at least 3 introductory workshops each day taught by professionals and enthusiasts to help get you started.  Selected workshops will offer summer projects to deepen your knowledge with additional support via a coaching programme during the 3 weeks following the camp:

  • The World is Your Canvas:  Mixed Reality with Microsoft Hololens.  Get your hands on Microsoft HoloLens, the first self-contained, holographic computer, enabling you to engage with your digital content and interact with holograms in the world around you.
  • Made with Code:  Build and put your personal stamp on simple apps from Google’s  
  • Raspberry Pi Robotics:  Learn to build robots with small Raspberry Pi computer boards using digital, analog and electromechancial components.
  • Photography with Drones & 5G.  Learn how professionals are working with drones to take new types of photos. Understand how 5G networks are bringing new possibilities to life.
  • Build Games with Python: Here's your chance to learn how to program games in python with the pygames framework. In this session we'll learn to use Python and Pygame to program your first game. No Python experience necessary, just a healthy imagination and interest in being the next games programming legend!
  • Dance with Pepper: Talk to Pepper the robot and teach her some dance moves with simple coding. Pepper is a humanoid companion created to communicate with humans through voice, touch, and the expression of emotions.
  • Create a Video Blog: Learn to create your own video blog to share your projects and stories with friends and family. Build your digital profile safely.
  • Connect with Smart Devices: Learn how to connect devices to communicate over different types of networks. Understand what makes them “smart”, the logic behind intelligence, and how to set and receive alerts to track what you care about most with V-Camera, V-Bag, V-Pet.
  • Connect with Data & Artificial Intelligence: With connected devices comes a wealth of rich data and insights about the world around us. This introductory workshop will help you learn to unlock the power of data, build intelligence and predict the future.
  • Smart Cities:  Learn from the team building “smart cities” around the world, how AI and Neural Networks are being used to improve our lives.
  • Future You:  Identify what’s unique to you & who you want to become. Start building your story, create goals and outline steps to get there with coaching.

*Workshops and activities may be subject to change.


The 2nd day of the Digital Camp for Girls builds on introductory workshops. Students will immerse themselves in projects  and work in teams to solve problems using the Design Thinking methodology and Agile working practices. 

  • Digital Designer for a Day:  Learn how technology is transforming the world around us & new types of jobs in the digital world. Learn the Agile way of working & engage in teams on a project.
  • Product Designer for a Day:  Design a connected product with Vodafone’s Consumer Internet of Things team. Using a Design Thinking approach, you will work in teams to understand user needs, build a product proposition and then plan its launch.  
  • Data Scientist for a Day:  Data Science is one of the hottest and most lucrative professions today.  Learn what a data scientist does and what skills are required.
  • Find Your Girl Power:  Identify what’s unique to you & who you want to become. Start building your story, create goals and outline steps to get there with coaching.
  • Create a Video Blog: Learn to create your own video blog to share your projects and stories with friends and family. Build your digital profile safely.

*Workshops and activities may be subject to change.


Interested to see digital work in action and work alongside professionals? Registered participants of the camp can apply for a 1-week work experience at Vodafone. Details will follow for registered participants.





Welcome & Keynote


Workshop 1


Workshop 2




Workshop 3 or Team Projects


Workshop 4 or Team Projects


Future You or other Workshop



 *Agenda subject to change


You will need to bring a PC or Macintosh. Other equipment (e.g. VR headsets, smart devices) will be provided.


We aim to inspire a love of learning with young people about technology and support their journeys to first work experiences. We believe it is critical to create an engaging and inclusive environment for girls, which are under-represented in both STEM and in leadership roles.

We're on a mission to build a sustainable education programme offering skills development and work opportunities for boys and girls of any age through a co-funded model with socially responsible businesses, educational organisations, and government.

This digital camp is a pilot that we hope will enable us to launch an ongoing programme. We greatly value your support and feedback.


This camp is made possible thanks to the sponsorship support of Vodafone.  We are also grateful to receive the support volunteers from Microsoft and many members of the technical and education community.

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