Create and Prosper

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Create and Prosper
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Thu 26 March 2020
Thursday 26 March 2020
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

How often do you put time aside to work on your business?

If you've been freelancing for a while, you probably aren't short of work, but is it the right kind of work? Are you consistently working on projects that you're passionate about, with clients that give you creative autonomy and pay you well?

Or do you sometimes feel more like a creative monkey? 

As a one-man/woman band, it can often feel like there aren't enough hours in the day. We are constantly busy with client projects and all of the things we "should" be doing. But what about our own business? 

It's tempting to say yes to everything as we all have bills to pay, but where will this lead to in the long run? Maybe it's time to take a step back and be proactive about where you want to take your business this year...

Come and meet hand-selected creative freelancers and small agency owners who are at a similar stage in their journey. Share stories and make valuable connections with people who may even pass you a few clients. 

Learn strategies that will get you the type of work you really want, that pays you what you deserve.

In this workshop, Matt will be sharing three key strategies that he consistently uses to help established freelancers and small creative agencies to stand out from the competition, get paid what they're worth and find work they love. 

Having worked in the creative industries for more than 10 years, Matt knows how difficult it can be to get the balance right between paying the bills and finding creatively fulfilling work. As well as building his own creative freelance business, he has been lucky enough to be mentored by some of the UK's leading entrepreneurs and coaches. 

Matt will be running through the exact process he has used to help his clients; 

  • Find low-stress projects that fill you with energy
  • Create more time for passion projects and your social life
  • Communicate the value of your work clearly and confidently to your dream clients 
  • Stand out in an oversaturated and competitive marketplace
  • Increase your income and create more financial stability  
  • Find meaningful work that you actually want to put on your portfolio 

*** The workshop is designed specifically for established freelancers and small business owners who want to regain control of their business and find meaningful, well-paid work on a consistent basis. ***

The workshop is NOT for people that don’t have a strong portfolio of work or at least 10 years of industry experience. 

What other people have said about the workshop:

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"Mind blown in the best way by Matt last night! If you haven't attended one of his events, and you're a freelancer in the creative industry, I really urge you to get booked on! I'm already putting into practice some powerful techniques and feeling extremely inspired by my own business. Thank you, Matt!" - Emma-Louise Trotter -( Creative consultant)

"Over the past couple of years, Matt has been pivotal in changing the way I both view, and present myself, as a photographer." - Bill Ward (Actor and Photographer)

Read more Google Reviews here: 

It's time to stop hoping your work will speak for itself and start building a business that really makes an impact. Now is the time to step up and take control of your creative freelance career. 

*** This event has very LIMITED capacity so please ensure you book a ticket to avoid disappointment ***

We'd like to say a huge thank you to our host – WeWork, Keltan House

WeWork Keltan House

, Situated at the epicentre of East London's creative hotbed Hackney, this is London office space with a twist. Steps from the park, WeWork London Fields spans four stories of coworking space, with plenty of private offices and common areas, not to mention a private roof terrace. Blocks away from neighbourhood gourmet hub Broadway Market, the London Fields Overground stop, coffee shops, and galleries, establish your company with East London at your fingertips. Perfect for startups and creatives, as well as established businesses, WeWork London Fields is a true breath of fresh air.

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WeWork Keltan House
115 Mare St, London, GB
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WeWork Keltan House
115 Mare St, London, GB
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