Complete Stone Roses + The Light Show | Leeds

Saturday  11 November  2017  7:30 PM    Saturday  11 November  2017 11:00 PM
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The Complete Stone Roses are now one of the UK’s most well-known, most seen and most successful tribute bands. Selling out venues across the UK and Ireland regularly, they have helped to carry on the music of one of the UK’s most influential bands - the Stone Roses who played a pivotal role in the history of the UK’s indie music scene. Famous hits like Fools Gold, I Am The Resurrection and I Wanna Be Adored are as recognisable now as were the heyday of Madchester and the Hacienda, the cultural icons from which the original band were born.
The Completes, as they are affectionately referenced to by their fans, play to acclaim both from fans themselves, the press, and even original Stone Roses band members. Former Stone Roses bass player Mani, (now currently the bassist for Scottish band Primal Scream) has not only just appeared as a warm up DJ for the band on the odd occassion but has also played onstage with them as their guest bassist playing She Bangs The Drums on more than a few times when he was touring about with the band. Mani says “they do our songs real justice. At times, they play even better than we did. (Mani has toured, and performed on stage with 3 full different line ups of the band through the last 10 years)

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