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WE ARE THE CREATIVE COUNSELLING MOVEMENT and we are passionate about bringing creative counselling interventions into mainstream models!

These creative therapeutic skills shares are being funded by Facebook and rolled out across the UK as part of our Creative Counselling Movements "BIG RIPPLE PROJECT".

You are invited to explore creative counselling tools with other members of The Creative Counsellors Club (although this is also open to welcoming new members) and to bring your own creative materials and ideas to share with the group! These groups aim to:

INSPIRE you to feel more confident in your approach to working creatively in the counselling room

CONNECT you with more like-minded counsellors to network, collaborate and tackle counsellor isolation

WHAT IS A SKILLS SHARE? An opportunity to network and connect with other counsellors through a shared love for all things creative. A skilled facilitator will host the sessions around a creative intervention topic and you are encouraged to bring creative tools and ideas to share within the group to enable exploration and to build confidence within your client work

Session 1: Working with Mandalas - creative interventions around self discovery, recognising triggers and working creatively with self exploration in client work.

Session 2: Creating and working with stones and pebbles: exploration of ways we can use creative interventions in client work to explore thoughts, feelings and emotions. Also working with Masks: creative interventions around self discovery and working creatively with self exploration in client work.

Session 3: Creating and working with sand jars, sandalas and mandalas: recognising and acknowledging personal strengths, postive traits, accomplishments and celebrations. Working with grief and memories of loved ones. Working with endings

Session 4: Working with photographs and timelines... Using photographs in therapy for exploration, self-awareness, self-expression and healing.


I’m a qualified CBT Therapist and Creative Counsellor and I am passionate about working creatively with clients. I work with my clients exploring how their negative automatic thoughts and faulty thinking can have an impact on their day-to-day life, working collaboratively with my clients in ways that try to resolve their individual issues. I particularly enjoy working with issues surrounding anxiety and stress and with clients who have low self-esteem and low self-confidence. I’m a Therapist at RASA Merseyside and I also run my own workshops (Mandala Therapy with Dee) which are calming, relaxing and therapeutic. This allows for the opportunity to explore and build coping strategies for many mental health issues including: Anxiety, Self-Injury, Grief, Stress, Anger, Addictions.

I am also one of the Admin for The Creative Counsellors Club and I love my role as The Creative Interventions Lead. I am so grateful for the opportunities that have arisen from being involved in The Club and I love the positive vibe that has developed naturally over time; the enthusiasm and the energy from within. I find it to be a space where one can come and feel they are amongst like-minded people, a place where they know others will ‘get it’. One where peers offer their knowledge and experience freely to each other in a non-judgemental and encouraging way.


Are you in our Facebook group? We have been voted by Facebook as "one of 115 most inspiring communities in the world" Join us here:

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