Breaking Free from Generational Curses

Saturday  12 January  2019  10:00 AM    Saturday  12 January  2019 4:00 PM
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  • Do you find yourself battling the same issues as your parents and grandparents? 
  • Are you struggling with spiritual limitation and need a breakthrough?
  • Are you wrestling sin patterns and spiritual strongholds that just won't go away?

You may need to break a generational curse.
Family is important to God, and it is clear that He does not think merely in terms of individuals but also in terms of generations. When God looks at you, He also sees your family. He sees where you came from. He looks at your ancestors, and He looks at your children and grandchildren. Abraham obeyed God and was blessed, and his descendants were blessed, too, because blessings tend to run along blood lines.

Curses also run along blood lines. In Exodus 20:5-6, God warns the children of Israel not to follow false gods, saying, “You shall not bow down to them nor serve them. For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me, but showing mercy to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My commandments.”
The word “iniquity” means to be bent toward a certain sin, and we see that the iniquity of the parents is carried on to the children to the third and fourth generations. So, a child will be bent like his or her parents, grandparents and great grandparents - this we call a generational curse. Here are some indicators that may suggest whether or not a curse might be operating in your family line.

1. History of mental and or emotional breakdown
2, Repeated or chronic sickness (especially hereditary)
3. Barrenness - a tendency to miscarry or related female problems
4. Breakdown of marriages and/or family alienation
5. Continued financial insufficiency (poverty)
6. Being 'accident prone'

7. A family history of unusual, unnatural and/or untimely deaths

Here at the Restoration Centre we'll provide you with the teaching and ministry to enable you to possess your freedom which has been won for you through Jesus Christ. We have seen so many people set free and released into a greater level of power and authority in their lives bringing supernatural blessing to their offspring. You can be free to fulfil all that God has planned for you. It's time to take charge again of your family line and see the blessing of God released through your offspring!

Join us as we contend for your breakthrough!



Should my pastor be aware that I am attending this event?

It is always recommended that you are a regular church attender and that your pastors are notified of your intention to come to our Freedom Days. Ideally, you should seek their covering as there may be need for them to follow up any ministry that you receive. 

Is there an age limit to enter the event?

We recommend that delegates are 16 years and over.  

What are parking options for the event?

The is ample free car parking in our car park and on the local streets.

Is there childcare provided?

Unfortunately, there is no childcare provided for this event. Please do not bring babies and infants.

Will there be an offering?

We will receive a free-will offering to honour the Lord and invest in continuing the work of healing and restoration of believers in our nation. Thank you for your generosity. 



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