The Big Love Experience - Bliss Beyond Fear

Saturday  5 May  2018  6:00 PM    Saturday  5 May  2018 8:00 PM
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The BIG LOVE Experience™ - Bliss beyond Fear
An introduction to Bioenergetic Alchemy with Seth Newman

Learn to gently release stress, shock and tension held in the body.
During this workshop you will learn a series of Bioenergetic Alchemy™ exercises and postures where we will release stress and tension from our body.
This is powerful transformative work that will invite you to re-experience your natural state, what the Kalahari Bushmen call, "The Big Love".

Saturday, 6-8 pm May 5th 2018
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Things to bring:
1) Bottle of water
2) Loose, comfortable clothing suitable for yoga.
3) Yoga mat and blanket

Created and facilitated by Bioenergetic Alchemy™ founder, Seth Newman.
Seth has over 20 years experience in body/mind therapies. He is a body therapist, Art of Being© teacher, Trance Dance facilitator and graduate of the Humanistic Alchemy facilitator training. Originally from Canada, he is currently training in London to be a Humanistic Psychology Practitioner. He brings a wealth of experience holding heart centred spaces.

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The Big LOVE Experience™ Bliss Beyond Fear

"It's a rare thing to find a therapist who can create a safe enough space in which the body releases its trauma. Seth is one of those rarities. Seth is a rigorous and talented coach when it comes to releasing trauma in the body. As a psychologist specialising in trauma, I would gladly refer my clients to Seth's workshops." - Dr Geoff Warburton

"It would take more than a few sentences to describe how rich this experience was. Seth weaves a magical environment to help cease the frantic activity of the mind and to sink into the depths of the soul. I loved the way Seth created a safe space to discharge the stress in the body and to free the soul to dance."

"A truly awesome experience. A wonderful and safe space to learn and experience Bioenergetic Alchemy. Thanks again Seth for your guidance and support."

"Transformative and blissful with gentle, loving holding by Seth."

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