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Saturday  29 April  2017  10:30 AM    Sunday  30 April  2017 6:00 PM
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Last update 01/05/2017

Welcome, we are pleased to announce the first ever Atlantic Games Eternal Weekend event.

Over the course of the weekend we will be running tournaments across a host of formats including, but not limited to:
-Old School
And any others that there is sufficient demand for.

We will kick things off on the Friday night with a super FNM in Modern, at £5 per person there will be more prizes available than ever before as well as random spot prizes to be awarded as we see fit (these random prizes will be awarded throughout the weekend for good play, good sportsmanship and taking the event in the fun spirit that Magic was meant to be played in).

The Saturday will see both the Legacy and Old School Championships taking place in store, with registration opening at 10am for an 11am start for Legacy, and Old School kicking off registration at 12 for a 1pm start. Both events will cut to a Top 8 at the end of a Swiss Tournament to determine who will be crowned our champion.

Then come back on Sunday for even more Magic as we host our Modern and Vintage Championships. To make life easy, these will also start at 10am for 11am (Modern) and 12 for 1pm (Vintage). They will also be Swiss with a Top 8 cut.

Prizes will all be dependant on numbers, but we are hoping that 1st place will walk away with £250 cash in the Modern and Legacy and £100 cash in the Old School and Vintage. All other prizes will be given in store credit.

Which brings me nicely onto the entry fees.

Legacy and Modern will be £25 per person with a preregister discount of £2.50 if you register and pay online by April 27th. Vintage and Oldschool will be £20 per person, with the same preregister discount.

All main events will be run at Competitive REL,which requires you to have a decklist, with Judges on hand all weekend to deal with any issues you may have.

We will also have side events running for both drafts and constructed formats. All side events will be straight 8 man knockout with the winner getting a booster box.

3x Amonkhet draft: £19

Standard, Modern, Legacy, Vintage, Old School, Frontier, Canadian Highlander and any other 2 player constructed format you can think of: £11

Commander: £6, this will buy you 2 boosters for the prize pool, which are then awarded to the player who knocks you out. If you win the whole thing you get to keep your two boosters in addition to any others that you win.

We are also pleased to welcome 7th City Collectables to our store for the weekend. They will be helping us out by selling single cards at the event all weekend, and will be able to deliver any cards that you buy through their website before the event to the venue for collection on the day at no extra cost.

The sharp eyed amongst you will also notice that this is the release weekend for Amonkhet. Therefore we are able to offer the first 50 people who sign up a free promo card from the set, which will be announced at a later date by Wizards.

If you wish to take part in any of our events please follow instructions bellow to book your seats:

Unless paid for instore please send payment to via Paypal stating your full name and relevant reference for the event you wish to enter.

Saturday: Legacy event - EWLE
Oldschool event - EWOS
Sunday: Modern event - EWMO
Vintage event - EWVI
(Please state when you have sent payment and i will confirm it has cleared)

Any side events will be charged for on the day depending on interest.

As usual guys if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. You can contact me via the Facebook page or you can call me on 01453 297377.

"Let The Games Begin"

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