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Saturday  3 November  2018  1:30 PM
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Formed in March 2006 from a jamming session, the Antarctic Monkeys became a phenomenon in their own right, travelling the UK and Europe with numerous tours. The demand is now more than ever.
Firmly established on the tribute scene, their live show has the power, passion and the creative edge to whip audiences into a frenzy when delivering the powerful tunes of the Arctic Monkeys as the way they should be.
Their reputation grew very quickly and in 2009 received approval from close relations to the Arctic's as well as Chris McClure (from the front cover of the album 'Whatever People Say I am, That's What I'm Not' and brother of lead singer - Jon McClure, from Reverend and the Makers).
There have been too many highlights to mention them all but main ones include Rock Revolution in Sicily, Oxegen Festival 2010 in Ireland and the Liverpool Mathew Street Festival, playing in front of 50,000 plus people as well as interviews and appearances in Q Magazine, MTV and Sky News.
Rarely is there a tribute band that can rival the original yet these 4 lads mimic Turner, Cook, O'Mally and Helders style perfectly.
Celebrating 10 Years since the release of ‘Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not’, the band will be performing the album in its entirety at certain venues this year upon request.
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