Animate a 360 degree pose with Aaron J Jones and AMC

Tuesday  6 February  2018  7:00 PM
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Last update 07/02/2018

Second opportunity to have a go at animation with a supervision and guidance by a pro animator!

We at Art Model Collective love to hear artists' feedback and input. One of our regulars, extremely talented illustrator and animator Aaron Jacob Jones, suggested trying to bring a pose to life with animation, and of course we are happy to oblige!

Carla will set up one single pose and work with Aaron to help you animate your life drawings during this 2.5 hour session.

We're going to spin Carla 360 degrees and give everyone 8 different angles of the same pose. Aaron will guide you through the technicalities of this challenge, suggesting to capture each angle as consistently as you can, using the same materials, colours and scale.

At the end of the session, Aaron will explain how to turn your 8 drawings into a spinning animation, using a website, a mobile app or even Photoshop. Even the simplest sketches will blend together to create the illusion of spinning movement.

The exercise will enhance your understanding of how to capture the structure of the figure in 3D, and seeing your artwork animated is always a quirky delight.

Please join Art Model Collective!

Bar, soundtrack, tutoring, like-minded group of creatives, at a perfect location just a few minute walk from London Bridge station.

Admission: £15 on the door

We'll have some free art materials for spontaneously visiting artists, but as always, please bring your favourite tools.

Chairs and drawing boards provided, some easels and table spaces available.

All levels welcome.

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