Andy Sheppard's `Pushy Doctors`

Sunday  25 June  2017  8:15 PM    Sunday  25 June  2017 10:45 PM
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Andy Sheppard (Saxes), Dan Moore (Piano & Keys), Tony Orrell (Drums)


This Jazz is for medicinal purposes only!

The Doctors prescribe Coltrane/Shorter/Beatles/Neil Young/Pink Floyd....etc

Recreational use recommended.

Regularly exceed the stated dose and never avoid alcohol.


Andy is back in Bristol for a couple of gigs, this one should be the most fun, as it’s with the groove based; ‘left-field-team’ known as the Pushy Doctors; it’s a bit like, a beautiful woman meets Sgt Oddball the tank commander from Kelly’s Heroes with Animal from the Muppets….’Make with the Positive Waves man”…

“At the end it seemed like the world was wonderful and not up shit’s creek as in these dark economic days, this is why music and the arts are so important in such times, to allow us to escape briefly into orgasms of bliss when talented folk perform so beautifully well.” Jazzata review (Jan’ 2012)

Tony Orrell first played with Andy back in the early ‘80s in the ground-breaking Sphere recording the album Present Tense and touring Europe. Many other encounters followed and latterly a convert to the Bristol music scene; Dan Moore saw the light, and was sucked into the Doctor’s vortex to create a great ‘Anarchistic’ ride through standards of jazz, pop and beyond by this hard swinging ‘out there’ classic organ trio.

Formed to play in the in the deep club/pub environment this disrespectful grooving band can really blow the roof off. Taking a repertoire of well-known tunes (Sheppard’s personal favourites) and turning them inside out in an often humorous but always musical way.

“We’re in a different world now… help!” he muttered. That improvising stuff is dangerous. The cavalry rushed in with the surging groove and they were off again. They are unfailingly exhilarating.” Mike Collins

There are always rows of smiling faces at a ‘Doctor’s’ gig. The music is skilfully infectious but often very deep as well.

A great blowing band with a medicinal twist – together we’ll heal the world…Trump & all

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