AlumierMD’s Aesthetic Consultation Training LONDON

AlumierMD’s Aesthetic Consultation Training LONDON
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Tue 14 July 2020
Tuesday 14 July 2020
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

AlumierMD’s Aesthetic Consultation Training

 Who should attend?

 Skincare professionals who have attended AlumierMD’s Foundation Training (2020 onwards) or AlumierMD’s Comprehensive Pro Training (2019 or earlier) including:

-          Aesthetic Dermatologists, Doctors, Dentists, Nurses

-          Aesthetic Practitioners with a minimum NVQ Level 3 (or equivalent) in Beauty Therapy

-          Clinic Directors, Managers, Front of House, office staff

Course objectives

After this course, you will have the knowledge and resources to:

 -          Deliver a valuable, patient-centric consultation to your new and existing customers alike, using the AlumierMD Aesthetic consultation framework.

-          Use precise, proven techniques to ascertain your patient’s aesthetic aspirations, motivations and potential barriers to treatment.

-          Use the AlumierMD six specific steps to concisely, clearly and effectively explain the benefits of medical-grade skincare and multiple modalities in clinic services including injectables, chemical peels, energy-based treatments and surgery.

-          Use guided methods for comfortably asking for patient commitment including payment for services and booking initial treatments.

The course 

At AlumierMD we know that medical-grade skincare is the foundation to great skin, as well as the insurance policy you need to ensure the in-clinic treatments you are offering reach their potential. Additionally, we know that it is only one portion of the treatment plan that will help your patients achieve their aesthetic and emotional aspirations under your professional care.

But how do you encourage your patients to talk openly about their aesthetic and emotional aspirations, educate them on medial grade skincare and the benefits of multiple in-clinic treatments, when they often come to enquire about a specific treatment or problem they have?

An all-encompassing aesthetic consultation can be confusing, muddled and overwhelming if not delivered in a concise, clear and relevant way.

Imagine offering the most comprehensive consultation your patient has ever experienced. During which, they are comfortable to confide in you about their deepest concerns, drives, desires and fears. A consultation in which you can comfortably guide your patients towards making arewarding investment accelerating their results and in turn, your business.

The AlumierMD Aesthetic Consultation is a structured, step by step process that will help you focus on understanding your patient’s aspirations and how they want to feel after their treatment. This easy to follow structure will guide you in managing their expectations by helping them understand the investment needed to achieve the results they seek.

By getting to the core of your patients’ aspirations, you are more likely to deliver the holistic effect they wish to achieve. This one-day masterclass will highlight the difference between a high conversation of leads and true patient-centric investigation that leads to increased patient satisfaction, retention and recommendations.



  • The importance of an educational, holistic aesthetic consultation.
  • Exploring patients’ established expectations and aspirations.
  • Assessing patient’s health, motivations and providing expert opinion.
  • Recognising patient phycology indicators and understanding barriers to treatmen.t
  • Effectively transitioning from listening to delivering expert opinion and science-based education
  • Effectively educating your patient on cosmetic science topics, relevant to their perceived aesthetic imperfections and skin conditions.


  • Educating your patient on the in-clinic services indicated to their skin condition & associated costs.
  • The four key components of effective treatment education.
  • Creating a step-by-step plan for your patient, empowering them to make a more rewarding aesthetic investment.
  • Comfortably obtaining patient’s commitment, scheduling treatments and taking or setting up payments.
  • Keeping a record of your treatments and monitoring your patient’s progress.
  • Using the AlumierMD Aesthetic Consultation Development Planner to self-assess your competency in each of the six steps and create a personal action plan for future development.

 Course follow up

 Following the AlumierMD Aesthetic Consultation Masterclass, each delegate will have the opportunity to perform a live in-clinic patient consultation with an AlumierMD representative on hand to offer coaching, feedback and a progression pathway.

 This live coaching session will be conducted by your regional BDM or Clinical Educator.

 We look forward to meeting you and making the AlumierMD branda great success within your business.


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AlumierMD Training Academy
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AlumierMD Training Academy
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