Alina Șerban performs 'I Declare at My Own Risk'

Thursday  24 March  2016  7:00 PM
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Our most recent programme, a series of chamber performances to unfold in the theatrical space set up at the Institute, debuts with Alina Șerban’s illuminating and highly acclaimed examination of conflicting identities, social discrimination, and the redemptive force of self-expression. The performance, inspired by the autobiographical story of the actress, a Romanian from the Roma minority, follows the dilemmas, challenges and revelations that accompany a girl from a poverty-stricken Roma community in Bucharest on her sinuous way to social emancipation as a performer trained in some of the best artistic schools in the world.

The show is presented on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

The show is performed in English.

'I Declare at My Own Risk' has been widely performed across Europe in countries including Romania, Hungary, Italy and France, and has gathered considerable critical acclaim. In the UK, the play was performed at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art – RADA Festival in 2013 and was subsequently offered a development workshop at Oval House Theatre and a short performance run at Tara Arts in 2014. Hobo Theatre Company will present a full production of the play in autumn 2016. Supported by Tara Arts and Arts Council England.

“Very occasionally I come across someone who is like a rising star, a force that is bright, unstoppable and has an impact on anyone who sees it. I saw Alina Şerban's one-woman-show in Bucharest and it was amusing, concise, and unsentimental. It felt authentic and it avoids moralizing about the rights and wrongs of the Roma situation.” (Rupert Wolfe-Murray, Huffington Post)

“A troubling metaphor for all forgotten children” (Judith Sibony, Le Monde)

'I Declare at My Own Risk' - scratch performance

The autobiographical story of Alina Șerban's journey from a 'gypsy ghetto' in Bucharest, to the Romanian social assistance system and, ultimately, to New York and London to pursue her education and tell her story on stage.

By and with Alina Şerban
Directed by: Jamie Harper
Design by: Moi Tan
Light design by: Janne Simila


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