AIM Showcase 2020 | Yorkshire

AIM Showcase 2020 | Yorkshire
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Thu 17 September 2020
Thursday 17 September 2020
8:30 AM - 1:30 PM

AIM Showcase for financial advisers and wealth managers

Meet 6 providers of AIM qualifying investments in one morning

Attend our AIM Showcase to:

  • Hear six leading investment providers talk about their investment solutions

  • Network with their investment specialists without having to commit to any further meetings

  • Compare key investment information, including charges and levels of risk and return

  • Leave confident that you have reviewed a representative sample of the solutions in the market

A genuine chance to compare managers:

The content of our AIM showcase is based upon our findings from surveying advisers for the annual Alternative Investment Market Industry Report. Each presenter is asked to cover the same five issues that we know are key concerns for advisers:

  • Details of investment provider: ownership, length of time in the market and financial strength

  • Investment objective of the product: growth, income, or a combination of the two, and the targeted level of annual returns

  • Details of the proposed underlying investments: Do you have a sector focus, or a generalist approach? What is the liquidity profile of your product?

  • Details of all the charges: Borne by both the investor and the investees during the product's lifetime, including any performance fees and admin and/or deal fees

  • Track record in AIM: AUM in AIM, performance track records in AIM (overall) and performance track record of the product

In this way, anybody who attends will be able to review the products from the six investment providers on a like-for-like basis and then engage directly with the provider's adviser facing teams, saving the time and effort you would normally have to put into researching and sourcing these kinds of investments.


The confirmed managers for this event include:


Why should you attend:

This Showcase is designed to give you the opportunity to review a representative sample of smaller company investment solutions in one half-day event, without having to undertake your own expensive and time consuming research, or committing to any further meetings with BDMs.

Get answers to questions like these:

'What is the underlying investment strategy?'

'What risks do I need to consider when investing in smaller companies?'

'How much experience do the investment providers have in this sector?'

'What are the total costs to my client over the entire lifetime of the investment?'

'Where do the invesments fit in terms of the estate planning.'



Read what people have been saying about our showcase events:

“A good opportunity to learn about the differentiators and similarities between providers. Brings it to life much more than reading prospectuses.” Victoria Harman - Hargreaves Lansdown

“It saves a lot of time seeing a group of 8 managers together than having individual meetings. Limiting the time slots to 15 mins, cuts out the waffle and means that you can compare the providers solutions side by side." Neil Marsden - Alan Boswell & Co

"Like a website comparison site for BR providers but in the flesh." Julian Hanrahan, Crowe Clark Whitehall

"This was an excellent and very informative event, giving an oversight on both products and providers, along with the opportunity to meet and ask questions directly.” Sally Stephenson - Mazars Financial Planning Ltd

“This is an excellent event for providing access to the principal managers in this area of advice. A slick format and a very good use of time” Matthew Gorman - Positive Solutions


Timings for the day:

After a free breakfast, you'll watch six AIM investment providers speak for fifteen minutes each. If you like what you hear, you can follow up with the fund representative in the breaks, but there's no obligation to speak to any of them if you don't want to.

08.30 - Registration & breakfast
09.00 - Opening remarks
09.05 - AIM investment providers elevator pitches
09.40 - AIM investment providers presentations (Part 1)
10.40 - Coffee break & networking
11.05 - Introduction to part 2 of the event
11.10 - AIM investment provider presentations (Part 2)
12.10 - Q&A Panel with all 8 providers
12.25 - Closing comments
12.30 - Lunch & Networking
13.30 - Event End

By registering to this event you agree for your email to be passed on to the managers speaking at the event. If you do not wish to be contacted by the sponsors after the event please get in contact with events@intelligent-partnership.

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