Aberdeen Evening Meeting - Diving Technology

Wednesday  20 February  2019  9:30 AM    Wednesday  20 February  2019 12:00 PM
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COBRA Rebreather
A joint presentation by Allan Nairn, Director of Diving, Rever Offshore & Graeme Clark, JFD Global
Emergency divers bailout breathing gas has long been an emotive topic in the saturation diving industry. Conventional Scuba-type bailouts provide very limited gas to divers operating at saturation diving depths, and should the divers primary gas supply be lost, he will invariably have only a very short time to return to the safety of the diving bell. The new COBRA (Compact Bailout Rebreather Apparatus) developed by JFD provides a simple, highly reliable and fully independent breathing system offering the diver extended bailout duration to return safely to the diving bell.
Following extensive development and testing, and award of CE certification (PPE), COBRA has been successfully launched within the saturation diving industry and deployed for the first time in 2018 by Rever Offshore in support of their North Sea operations. This presentation gives an insight into this important new development in saturation diving safety as well as an overview of the feedback received and lessons learned by the contractor following this first deployment in the North Sea.
Safety Assurance of Automated Dive Vessels: The Last 10 Years v The Next 10 Years
Ed Gardyne, MD, Safewell Solutions
Automation (digitalisation) is increasingly ubiquitous in every sector of industry including the commercial diving industry. This provides both opportunities for greater safety and reliability but also presents new types of risks.
Safewell has been working with major operators in the oil and gas sector since 2008 helping the industry manage the lifecycle safety of automation used in commercial dive systems. During this period the most advanced commercial diving vessels ever built have been mobilised presenting a challenge to conventional lifecycle audits and assurance methods.
An overview of the topic will be provided drawing on learning and experiences of the last 10 years with some brief thoughts on the future of automated dive systems.
Real World Operational Experiences of Diving Utilising the Novel “Mother – Daughter” Solution
Hamish Peterson, MD, KD Marine
Real world experience and case study utilising a mother daughter solution to perform diving operations in the UKCS North Sea.
The intervention of divers is sometimes required on offshore facilities and often in some very inaccessible places. What are the typical tasks which required such intervention? What tasks can be achieved and how are the challenges overcome to ensure success.
Registrations from 17:30, Presentations from 18:00, Refreshments & Networking from 19:30

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