6-week Spanish Beginners ‘Level 2’ Course

Thursday  24 January  2019  10:00 AM
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Last update 07/03/2019

Join our 6-week ‘Level 2course starting Thursday 24th January 2019 at ‘Deakins’ in Canterbury.
By the end of the course you will be able to...
Week 1:
* The 3 forms used to introduce yourself
* Basic greetings and saying how you are feeling
* Useful vocabulary and phrases in conversation: How do you say/ How do you write/ Slower please/ Louder please
* Asking and giving directions
* Naming different places in town
*Asking for opening and closing times
Week 2:
* Asking for a table and placing an order in a restaurant
* Asking for specific dietary requirements
* Cutlery vocabulary
* Vocabulary: food and drink
* Saying what you like and dislike
*Multiples of 100
*At the market
week 3:
* At the Post Office
* Transport – Different ways of getting to different places
* Weather and Seasons
* Weather Forecast
week 4:
* Days of the week
* Month of the year
* Booking a hotel room
* Booking a campsite
*What is ‘the hotel/room/campsite’ like?
week 5:
* Parts of the body
* People who can help you at the hospital
* Telling someone what is wrong
* Questions the doctor/nurse/paramedic may ask you
*At the pharmacy
week 6:
* At the Airport
* Checking in and other useful phrases for the airport
* Duty free shopping: Clothes
* Asking for colors and sizes for clothes
The 6-week course starts on Thursday 24th January 2019 at ‘Deakins’ in Canterbury.
Each Thursday session starts at 6 pm and lasts 90 minutes. The lessons include plenty of conversational practice, the best way to learn!
The cost of the course is just £ 97.00, and you get full course material and study guides. There are limited spaces, and many have already booked.
To reserve your place please contact me, mobile 0750 3000264 or send me an email to marianamurphy@live.co.uk
Thank you

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