12 Part Online Course: Part 8 -The Economics of Peace & Conflict

Sunday  26 May  2019  7:00 PM    Sunday  26 May  2019 9:00 PM
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Last update 17/05/2019

Ready to Become a Powerful Ambassador for Peace…Without Losing Your Courage?
Then we invite you to join us for a 12 month, interactive online journey into the most up-to-date, proven, real-world frameworks, tools, practices and support for building peace locally and globally.
Part 8: The Economics of Peace and Conflict: a Cost Benefit Analysis
1. The total cost of the Business Plan for Peace.
2. The cost savings of the Business Plan for Peace.
3. The cost comparisons between perpetuating war and defence vs. peace building and conflict prevention.
4. The cost of continuing to wage war and refusing to invest in peace: The Syria Case Study.
5. The benefits of transitioning to a business plan for peace- The Colombian Case Study.
6. The long term benefits to societies that live founded on the Business Plan for Peace: The Costa Rica and Switzerland case studies.
7. The funding sources- and revisiting taxing the arms trade to pay for peace.
8. Advocacy at the UN - the UN High Level Forum on Peace and budgets for peace building
When you register for the Business Plan for Peace Course now, not only will you receive the recordings of all of the prior classes and interviews, but you can download and keep those recordings if you wish, forever. Plus, joining now means you get to participate live in the remaining classes, interviews, and online community.

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