1 Day Introduction into QEEG for Neurofeedback Therapists

Sunday  29 July  2018  9:00 AM    Sunday  29 July  2018 6:00 PM
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Last update 16/06/2019

QEEG knowledge is only for those Neurofeedback providers who use 19 Channel? This is not true. Everyone who applies Neurofeedback can take advantage from QEEG or should know more about the EEG and how it is associated to cognitive and emotional abilities. There is indeed a lot information even when you just look at one channel there is a lot of information the QEEG can give.
Thomas Feiner BCIA-EEG the director of the IFEN will explain why QEEG is so important and how it can be applied for clinical treatment, training and Peak Performance.
This one day intense workshop will cover:
- History of QEEG and databases
- Difference between EEG and QEEG
- Basics of normal and pathological EEG patterns
- Differentiating artifacts from EEG
- Brainmapping Software vs. cloud based services (QEEG-Pro)
- EEG Phenotypes of depression, ADD, anxiety, trauma, TBI, post traumatic stress disorder, autism, asperger
- Peak Performance patterns in the QEEG
- Treatment recommendations for several findings in the QEEG
- Introduction into sLoreta-EEG with Z-Scores
- What equipment to choose for QEEG and Neurofeedback

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